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See why Orah is trusted by Eton College, Phillips Exeter Academy & many more of the world's top schools.

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You will recieve an email with instructions instantly

You will get an email with instructions that you can forward to someone else at your school if needed.

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After receiving your information pack & instructions, you have 30 days to activate your Orah account

What is Orah?

Orah is a student engagement & school management suite used by some of the highest performing schools in the world.

Trusted by 30% of the world's top 10 schools to understand & improve the whole student experience. Schools use Orah to manage attendance in real-time, communicate with parents & students, coordinate extracurricular activities, manage emergency responses and measure and improve student wellness.

Today, we're offering you $500 towards any Orah subscription for your school. We have 6 school solutions designed to work with your existing school systems.

What can I do with $500 Orah credit?

You could:

  • Give a few classes of students access to gamified 30-second MoodCheck™️ check-ins for a year, with Orah highlighting records of concern to key staff automatically.
  • Manage attendance for classrooms, extracurriculars and more in real-time on mobile phones, iPads or via NFC check-in tiles, and sync data back into your student information system.
  • Unify your school's wellness, attendance & academic data from your existing school systems in less than 2 hours, the credit should cover most schools for a few months.
  • Run 1-2 Conversational Surveys to your whole school, students, parents & teachers.
  • Communicate with students, parents and staff in real-time with broadcast messages via SMS, Push Notifications & Email.

Discover the Orah Suite


Effortlessly coordinate, track and manage student movements, on and off school grounds.

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Uncover trends and insights like never before. Unify wellness, attendance and academic data in less than 2 hours

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Tools to plan, organise and manage extracurricular activities and events.

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Mitigate risk and enhance campus safety with emergency response and risk planning.

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Measure and monitor student wellbeing, identify risks and take proactive coordinated action.

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Send outgoing email, SMS & in-app communications based on real-time student data.

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What to expect:
  • Claim your $500 Orah credit using this form
  • An Orah rep will contact your to schedule a 30-minute meeting
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  • You will get a quick overview of Orah

See why we're used by 30% of the world's top 10 schools

"[Orah is] a system that is very easy to use, easy to maintain, and set up with great uses across the entire entity of a school. The system is highly adaptable and has the ability to integrate with other systems, for example, allowing the data to flow back into Eton’s core absence reporting system."

- Anna Kempster, Head of IT Systems, Eton College, UK