Your Search For A Single Source of Truth Ends Here.

Technology has raised our expectations for student safety. It's time for your school to adapt.

How it all started.

Schools face rising expectations for student safety

Technology is changing the way we work and it's also changing our expectations. Today, parents have a low tolerance for slow answers and expect their children to be safe and accounted for when they are at school. It's time for schools to adapt.


of parents want their school to take extra steps to ensure children's safety.

- State of School Safety Report 2018


threats of school violence are received on average every day, compared to 10 per day at the end of 2017

- NPR, 2018


of students don't think their school does a good job at listening to them on safety matters.

- State of School Safety Report 2018

But the way we account for students is fragmented

Manual processes and overlapping systems leave us with attendance information scattered all over the place. There’s a different list for sports, classes, excursions, and visits to the health centre. There is no single source of truth.

Fragmentation creates uncertainty, and uncertainty leads to miscommunication, damages trust within school communities and exposes vulnerabilities when an emergency strikes.

Traditional solutions won't work in this new era

Here's why...

Traditional Attendance is not real-time. Manual processes are slow and take too long to update and communicate key information. This means you have to rely on information that's delayed and outdated.

Traditional attendance is not accurate. Teachers forget to take attendance, records are scattered in multiple systems and some activities don't require attendance at all. Instead of accuracy, we have doubt and uncertainty.

Traditional attendance is not smart. Static data can't provide you with actionable insights and notifications to identify and resolve anomalies or quickly respond to emergencies.

Re-inventing attendance

But what if attendance was recorded in real time, available when and where you needed it...

What if we could go beyond the classroom and take into account all other student activities like excursions, field trips and health centre visits to get a more accurate understanding of where students are...

What if attendance was smart enough to identify anomalies in real-time and provide schools with strategic insights to strengthen their security practices...

Enter Orah

Well now you no longer have to imagine, because Orah is re-inventing attendance. We’re building a new student accountability platform that empowers schools to go above and beyond their duty of care, with a single source of truth to ensure every student is safe and accounted for.

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