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Boardingware + Magnus Health = Safer dorms for your boarding school

Paul Organ

May 12, 2017

We’re excited to announce that Boardingware has partnered with Magnus Health, which is an electronic Student Medical Record Solution used by more than 550 schools world wide. Magnus Health and Boardingware are hard at work on the integration, and are looking to announce its release for next school year! We’re extremely honored that Magnus has agreed to let Boardingware be the first boarding school software company to connect to their API

With ambitious goals, our companies have decided to break the Magnus Health integration into 2 stages.

  • Phase 1 will allow general medical information to write from Magnus Health into  Boardingware, so you can have the most up to date information readily available as you provide care within your dorms.
  • Phase 2 will be announced later in the year once we have ironed out the finer details, so please stay tuned and subscribe to our blog here to stay informed.

This partnership will provide a seamless integration, without any IT effort. For your boarding staff, the integration will allow for better student care and safety through improved access to information within the dorms. School staff will not need to access multiple systems to get critical information at a moment’s notice. About BoardingwareFounded in 2014, Boardingware is the leading online leave and attendance solution built specifically for boarding schools. Used by hundreds of institutions in 12 countries to track and manage the activity and behaviour of their students while under the school’s care. Boardingware is an intuitive product that dramatically increases security to give parents and schools peace of mind while decreasing the time spent on administration so boarding staff can focus on providing better care. Learn more at www.boardingware.comAbout Magnus HealthFounded in 2006, Magnus Health is the leading provider of a cloud-based SMR (student medical record) solution designed specifically for use in schools. With more than 550 schools nationwide — ranging from small, private K-12 schools to large, public universities — our primary focus is improving the collection, tracking, and management of student health and safety information. SMR equips schools with the tools they need to save time and money, reduce liability, improve emergency preparedness, and remain in compliance with HIPAA, FERPA, and state regulations. Learn more at MagnusHealth.com.To find out more about this integration, email Co-CEO at Boardingware, Paul Organ at paul@boardingware.com or CEO at Magnus Health, Brian Biddulph-Krentar at brian@magnushealth.comPS: If interoperability is important to you, please visit out our partners page where you will see our integrations with the biggest SIS companies in the world. Including Blackbaud, Veracross and Senior Systems

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