Prioritise student well-being and help students succeed

It's hard to know what's happening inside a developing mind. Nurture is here to help with tools to monitor and analyse student well-being, so you can ensure they get the support they need.

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Orah Nurture - monitor and measure student wellbeing

Don't guess how your kids are feeling.
Use Nurture to track student well-being and have better interactions.

Nurture allows you to effortlessly capture social, emotional and mental well-being data to better understand how your students are progressing holistically.

Orah - Student wellbeing dashboard
Collect data in real time

Short, sharp and beautiful experiences to check in with your students.

Use data to understand your students

Use this data to understand what's truly happening with your students at a singular level and on a macro level.

Take action

Data is useless without action, Orah will help you to understand what to do next based on what the data is telling you.

Get a live insights for student mental health at your fingertips

Easily keep on top of what's happening with your students and view it directly from any device.

On top of that, you can schedule these to go out as frequently as you like.

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Student Wellbeing staff insights.
Orah Nurture - Student app dashboard.

Empower students with valuable insights

Students can use the app as a tool to reflect and understand their own wellbeing.

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Be up to date with students of concern

You can't be everywhere at once. Use Orah to flag students of concern so you know who to follow up with.

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Holistic overview of student health
“When we were able to track some patterns through the use of rolls, pastoral notes and insights with [Orah], we’ve been really able to identify patterns, intervene and put a plan in place to stop the students from getting to a crisis point which we have seen prior”
Kirsty Walsh
Ballarat Clarendon College

Generate insights and suggest next steps

Analyse trends, patterns and point summaries to turn data into insights that lead to action. Our reports enable you to compare student behavioural patterns at a high level or drill down into individual student activity so you can provide outstanding student-centered support.

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Generate insights and next steps
Data informed student wellbeing and care

Stop using 'gut instincts' and use data to inform your approach

Use staff, student and parent inputs to build a clearer picture for each of your students so you can make informed decisions with accurate information and improve your interactions.

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