Don't guess how your kids are feeling

With growing problems around mental health, modern schools are expected by parents to proactively understand what's going on with their children... Get started with Nurture

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Orah Nurture - Student app dashboard.

30 Second mood-checks to see what's on their minds

  • Don't overload students with too many questions. Use a simple mood-check to encourage participation.
  • Use a modern interface that students enjoy interacting with.
  • Customize the experience to cater to different age levels.

Build custom surveys to ask deeper questions

  • Create short or long-form surveys to dive deep on well-being issues.
  • Measure wellbeing against your schools own wellbeing framework.
  • Customise questions to collect the data relevant to your school
Orah Nurture - Student app dashboard.

Give students a resource center to find the help they need

  • Use in-house content or expert content to provide students with the content needed to learn how to self-manage.
  • Students can book in time with staff they trust, whether it's counsellors or staff they feel safe with.
  • If student's need external help your school can provide contacts for students to reach out to.

Don't let kids slip through the cracks or fly under the radar

  • Set rules and follow up with students who are out of character
  • Alert the right staff so the students deal with a familiar face
  • Be proactive and stop troubles before they happen.
Orah Nurture - Student app dashboard.

Measure your students against your version of wellbeing or leverage an expert

  • Every school is different. Create custom surveys that relate to your school's wellbeing framework or leverage an expert's template to gain expertise in seconds.
  • Select from a library of questions or build your own to suit your school
  • Use survey templates from well-known experts so you can see how you measure-up to standardised frameworks.

Use UNIFY to combine wellbeing data with attendance and academics for the full picture

  • Combine key student information with wellbeing to understand correlations
  • Build custom dashboards to surface different datasets
  • Control who can see which dashboards to provide relevant insights and to maintain privacy

"Students are starting to get more engaged just because of the way we're able to communicate and share information with them"

Jason Coady

Dean of Students & Campus Life
Stuart Hall School

"Orah is a clean platform that allows you to see and track any concerns with students. You can see if they're not participating, eating regularly, or leaving the building. Those are incredibly helpful pieces that facilitate meaningful conversations"

Ryan Brandon

Director of Resident Life
Saint John's Prep

"Orah ensures that you are on the top of your game when it comes to making sure that students are safe and accounted for. After using Orah, I can’t imagine operating without it now."

John Spear

Assistant Head for School Life
Northwood School

"The checkpoint kiosk has provided a professional way to manage the sign in/out of the pupils and staff, which supports the safeguarding of pupils. The system is very easy to use, allowing proper management of access to Boarding Houses."

Anna Kempster

Head of IT Systems
Eton College
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