Why choose Orah?

Armed with a bold vision for a future we want to live in, Orah is perfectly poised to help schools to improve attendance, student care and communications.

We help schools nurture their students into strong leaders, succeeders and upstanding world citizens.

Look familiar?

You're not alone

All schools have a duty of care for their students while on campus. But unfortunately, schools are often under resourced to manage student life to a high standard.

This results in reactive a prioritisation of student needs, gaps in key student services and safeguarding risks.

Orah saw these gaps, and we've been working to fix them for over 9+ years now.

It can really be this simple →

Orah connects to the student information systems your school already uses.

Student Information Systems are largely designed to capture information and aren't often easy for your everyday staff member, caregiver or student to use.

These integrations mean that you can sync across all your existing student information, including class and extracurricular groups – and give your staff an easy-to-use app to take attendance, manage behavior or communicate with parents & caregivers – all in one place.

Orah helps schools deliver a high standard of student care

We believe that students basic needs must be met before they can properly learn.

If the outcome is to learn and retain information in school, but a student is hungry – it is more effective to give that student breakfast than to improve the lesson plan.

Similarly, if a student is not doing well at home – it is more effective for a student's development to give them the support they need to deal with the issues that are affecting them, rather than investing in solutions further up the school hierarchy of needs.

Orah helps schools to manage student life & effectively deliver a high standard of care – which enables students to thrive at school.

Improving student life together requires a shared understanding

Unify data in one place

Think about the number of different people students interact with on a daily basis.

The average student might interact with six different teachers, their sports coach, their dean, dozens of students, a nurse and their parents – all within the same day.

Each person plays an important role in helping that student grow and thrive, but each person also has their own unique relationship, connection and understanding of the students' progress.

Students thrive and succeed when they are understood, and the best schools in the world ensure that everyone works together to get the best out of every student. But making sense of all the different interactions and coordinating departments is easier said than done.

This is where Orah comes in. Orah allows you to capture and synchronize relevant data from multiple sources and provide everyone with a single human-centric view of the student.

This empowers everyone to work together to create an experience that brings the best out of every student.

What is a Student Life Platform (SLP)?

A student life platform helps you capture data from every student interaction, centralise that data into unified profiles, generate holistic insights and coordinate action between all stakeholders to drive positive growth and deliver a personalised experience to every student.

Student engagement platform

Say you’re trying to get a better understanding of your students. A student engagement platform can help you collect data from touch-points like daily wellbeing surveys, attendance, leave activity, and any other place students might interact with your school or institution.

The student engagement platform will then unify the data into complete student profiles and make it possible to use the data to generate valuable insights, share and collaborate on reports and ultimately take action to create a personalised journey for every student, not just a select few.

Who needs a student life platform?

A student life platform should empower everyone involved with a students growth


Make informed decisions

Use student insights to fuel better outcomes.


Personalise student experiences

Tailor student journeys to improve student outcomes and retention


Streamline processes and collaboration

Save time, improve record-keeping and enhance collaboration


Get single-view of the student

Get on the same page with access to unified student profiles.


Be more proactive

Use alerts and insights to trigger proactive action


Improve parent engagement

Collaborate with parents to improve student outcomes.


Centralise data in one place

Collect multiple data points with unified profiles.


Generate reports and insights

Use unified data to build reports and dashboards for the leadership team


Streamline manual processes

Improve operational efficiency of your school operations


Know what’s happening

Stay informed with how your child is progressing in real-time


Be more involved

Collaborate with the school on your child’s development and work together to give them the best experience


Quick and easy workflows

Quickly respond to permissions, submit requests and send alerts from the same place

Manage student life from one student profile

Student life data is often fragmented in multiple different systems and formats. Orah make it simple to capture, unify and organize that data into a single profile that is always available.

These profiles are distinct from your SIS as they are designed to be interacted with on a daily basis – and can sync the most relevant data back to your system of record.

Unify and enrich student profiles
Uncover and share valuable student insights

Understand your students

When you understand student behavior, you make better decisions to help them grow. By using Orah, it’s easy to build robust reports and generate actionable insights that everyone can rely on, align and work together to make great data-informed decisions.

Automate roll checks, leave requests and much more

Streamline and coordinate attendance, wellness & operational workflows so that staff can focus on their students – not admin.

Create personalised student experiences at scale
Orah is a student engagement platform for all kinds of schools and institutions

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