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The Hidden Costs: How Manual Attendance Tracking Damages Schools and Disrupts Parent Engagement

Knowing where your students are when they are in the care of a school is paramount to student safety. In this short article, we're going to explore why inefficient attendance tracking tends to rack up some exuberant hidden costs for schools

Orah Shift Reports

Introducing Orah’s New And Improved Shift Reports

Every boarding school writes up a “Shift Report” or “Duty Report”. We knew we could do it better.

Product Update
Unveiling Orah's new Browser Extensions for Chrome

Empowering Education: Unveiling the Orah Browser Extension Duo for Class Attendance and Teacher's Notes

Unveiling Orah's new Browser Extensions for Chrome. It's even easier to mark a roll or log student conduct notes. In this brief article, we'll explain how each extension works and how you can start using them.

Product Update
Feedback collected by Orah in 2023

Your Feedback Is Important To Us; Here’s What We Do With It

In this article, you’ll discover how Orah uses your feedback, the importance of customer feedback to us, three ways to share your feedback, and why you should.

Keeping children safe - 2023 UK Guidance

Keeping Children Safe in Education: Five Actionable Takeaways from the DfE's September 2023 Statutory Guidance Updates

In this short article, we're going to outline five actionable takeaways from the Department for Education's recent statutory guidance updates for Keeping children safe in education.

Orah Passes - Manage Absences for free

Reducing Absenteeism: How This Free Tool Can Transform Your School

Orah Passes allows school to manage absences quickly, and parents to report their child as absent easily via a single "magic link". Sync records with your existing attendance system, all for free.


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Reducing Absenteeism in NZ Schools

Join us for an important Hui for the future of our tamariki in Aotearoa, you'll walk away with strategies and tools to tackle absenteeism

Live Event (In Person)

Taking Class Attendance with Orah

Know where your students are: Orah co-founders Paul & Kurt will show you how you can make attendance easy without changing your SIS.

On-Demand Webinar

Dr Peggy Kern

Dr. Peggy Kern discusses mental health challenges and positive psychology solutions for youth and educators in today's complex world.

On-Demand Webinar

Attendance Sheet | Google Sheets Template

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This free Google Sheets template can be used by teachers who want to take attendance quickly and easily

The Flourish Model | Orah Survey Template

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The Flourish Project

A tool for schools to understand and improve student wellbeing, based on the Flourish Model and Maslow's hierarchy.

Student Wellbeing Tracking Template - HALTS

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In this article, Orah introduces a simple and effective template based on the HALT framework to calculate a HALT Score.