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Latest Updates to Workflows (May 2024)

Orah schools have been looking for ways to improve their utility in response to student actions, so we’ve made a number of enhancements to help with this.

Product Update

Do Schools Lose Money When Students Are Absent?

Discover the financial impact of student absenteeism on schools and the potential loss of funding.


5 Steps You Can Take Today to Reduce Absenteeism at Your School

Discover five practical steps to reduce absenteeism in your school. Join a supportive community, enhance parent-school communication with Orah Connect, and engage in meaningful education with students and parents.

Protecting Student Data

Learning from Legal Precedents: Why ISO 27001 Certification Matters for Private Schools' Software Vendors

Student data should be treated with the utmost care by its stewards. Now that Edtech is a mainstay in modern education, we as school leaders must educate ourselves on the risks associated with new technologies.

Empty classroom due to absenteeism

Reducing Absenteeism: Navigating ADA Funding for Schools and Student Attendance

Each student that attends school daily contributes to your institution’s budget. Grasping this relationship is key for financial planning and addressing attendance issues. This article sheds light on the mechanics of ADA, examines its chall


The (New) Easier Way To Communicate With Your Students

Broadcast responses are a simple but effective way to gather a positive (or negative) response from students & parents - ensure students read and acknowledge important messages, or get quick feedback on something time-sensitive

Product Update

Improving Student Life

Watch interviews with industry experts, school leaders and much more!

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Orah + Veracross Integration Deep-Dive | Partner Talks

See what you can do with the deep Orah and Veracross integration

Live Webinar

School Communications Updates - May 2024

Consolidate and secure school comms in one system. New P2P chat, mass responses, automated alerts, workflows and gamified communications.

On-Demand Webinar

Training for Orah Admins & IT Teams

Discover new & improved ways to import profiles, create new users, integrate with your SIS, use our Open API, and manage users in Orah.

On-Demand Webinar

Attendance Sheet | Google Sheets Template

Made by


This free Google Sheets template can be used by teachers who want to take attendance quickly and easily

The Flourish Model | Orah Survey Template

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The Flourish Project

A tool for schools to understand and improve student wellbeing, based on the Flourish Model and Maslow's hierarchy.

Student Wellbeing Tracking Template - HALTS

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In this article, Orah introduces a simple and effective template based on the HALT framework to calculate a HALT Score.