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Rebranding Boardingware to Orah

Today we are announcing the rebranding of our company and the launch of our platform, Orah. These changes are a part of a multi-year company evolution that is elevating the way we serve schools, like yours. With the introduction of Orah...

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Keep a pulse on your student’s mental well-being with Boardingware’s Forms

Schools and colleges have an important part to play in supporting student mental health and wellbeing, and over the past few years, there has been an increasing need to track, monitor and identify opportunities to support their growth and..

API Update: New Attendance End-points

You can now use Boardingware’s OpenAPI to feed attendance data back to your SIS or other systems for better reporting and visibility.Since Boardingware was founded in 2014 schools have loved to use the Staff Mobile App for taking attenda...

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New Online Form Builder For Schools

A couple months ago we hosted a Covid Webinar series where we discussed some of the ways you can use Boardingware to uphold responsibilities and meet new health and safety guidelines with solutions such as Contact Tracing, Workflows and...

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Introducing Pastoral Points - A Data Driven Approach to Student Wellbeing and Development

Student development and wellbeing is critically important to their ability to learn and grow.Schools that have a good understanding of their students wellbeing are able to address emotional issues before they become a larger problem, and...

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Contact Tracing: Rapidly Identify Possible Cases of COVID-19 in Boarding

With lockdown measures easing, boarding schools now face a host of challenges as they plan to safely reopen and reassure pupils, families and staff that boarding is a safe environment to return to.To help during these challenging times...

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Sharing Insights from the Boarding Community's response to Covid-19

To the boarding community,As events related to COVID-19 unfold, many locations are practicing isolation and social distancing. For some schools, closing entirely isn’t an option. We’re seeing cases where schools must keep boarding...

Meet Workflow Builder: The simple way to streamline school processes

In every school, there is a wide range of people that collaborate and work together behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly. This often requires coordinating administrative processes and making sure the right people have the...

Product News

The Benefits Of Using Technology To Track Student Behaviour

Technology is now employed in many areas of school life. It is used for registering attendance, reporting to parents, providing pupils with resources and even submitting assignments.When it comes to pastoral care, technology is a powerful..

How To Use Notifications To Automate Student Reminders

Trying to organise students and making sure they are where they’re supposed to be is hard enough... Making sure they are there on time is almost impossible.This normally requires constant follow up and chasing down students that are late...

New Features To Improve Communications During Emergencies

Communication is a crucial element of any emergency response procedure. When an incident or crisis occurs, it’s essential to notify relevant persons, and communicate key information to ensure that you are able to achieve the best possible..

How To Automate Permissions For Students Missing Class

Missed classes are an important record for schools to keep track of, but the approval process required for these records can be incredibly arduous. Typically, students have to get written approval from their teachers and then finalise it...

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