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Do Schools Lose Money When Students Are Absent?

Discover the financial impact of student absenteeism on schools and the potential loss of funding.


5 Steps You Can Take Today to Reduce Absenteeism at Your School

Discover five practical steps to reduce absenteeism in your school. Join a supportive community, enhance parent-school communication with Orah Connect, and engage in meaningful education with students and parents.


Learning from Legal Precedents: Why ISO 27001 Certification Matters for Private Schools' Software Vendors

Student data should be treated with the utmost care by its stewards. Now that Edtech is a mainstay in modern education, we as school leaders must educate ourselves on the risks associated with new technologies.


Reducing Absenteeism: Navigating ADA Funding for Schools and Student Attendance

Each student that attends school daily contributes to your institution’s budget. Grasping this relationship is key for financial planning and addressing attendance issues. This article sheds light on the mechanics of ADA, examines its chall


The (New) Easier Way To Communicate With Your Students

Broadcast responses are a simple but effective way to gather a positive (or negative) response from students & parents - ensure students read and acknowledge important messages, or get quick feedback on something time-sensitive

Product Update

The Hidden Costs: How Manual Attendance Tracking Damages Schools and Disrupts Parent Engagement

Knowing where your students are when they are in the care of a school is paramount to student safety. In this short article, we're going to explore why inefficient attendance tracking tends to rack up some exuberant hidden costs for schools


Introducing Orah’s New And Improved Shift Reports

Every boarding school writes up a “Shift Report” or “Duty Report”. We knew we could do it better.

Product Update

Empowering Education: Unveiling the Orah Browser Extension Duo for Class Attendance and Teacher's Notes

Unveiling Orah's new Browser Extensions for Chrome. It's even easier to mark a roll or log student conduct notes. In this brief article, we'll explain how each extension works and how you can start using them.

Product Update

Your Feedback Is Important To Us; Here’s What We Do With It

In this article, you’ll discover how Orah uses your feedback, the importance of customer feedback to us, three ways to share your feedback, and why you should.


Keeping Children Safe in Education: Five Actionable Takeaways from the DfE's September 2023 Statutory Guidance Updates

In this short article, we're going to outline five actionable takeaways from the Department for Education's recent statutory guidance updates for Keeping children safe in education.


Reducing Absenteeism: How This Free Tool Can Transform Your School

Orah Passes allows school to manage absences quickly, and parents to report their child as absent easily via a single "magic link". Sync records with your existing attendance system, all for free.


What Models of Research Are Orah's Student Well-being Tools Based On?

In this article, we will highlight the bodies of research that Orah has used when developing our Well-being tools and provide you links to explore each model in more detail.


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