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Chat, send emails, texts and push notifications to parents, colleagues and students.

The communication tool for schools that replaces:


Parent Square









Keep students, parents & staff in the loop, with minimal effort.

You already mark attendance, write reports and collect student feedback.

Now you can send timely updates to parents, staff and students from the same place.

Keep parents engaged

Equip parents with the information they need to know about student outcomes. Using Orah Connect, this becomes a lot easier to do consistently.

Send real-time updates

Enrich student engagement data in Orah with your own Student Information System (SIS) data to build powerful custom workflows.

Keep parents happy & informed

Reduce miscommunications with parents on important matters with Broadcast options via email, text message or push notifications.

Activate your student profiles

Using Orah's student profiles, you can now send timely Broadcasts to parents, staff or students based on live data.

Secure to the highest standard

Orah meets the highest standards for data privacy and security in education. Learn more.

Quickly respond to at-risk students

Setup internal Broadcast workflows to alert counsellors of at-risk students as identified by Mood Checks in Nurture.

Trusted by teams at 100’s of the world’s leading independent schools

Send the right information, at just the right time.

Leverage the power of filters based on dynamic student information, meaning that you can select groups of students based on certain conditions that are met. For example, if you use Orah Supervise, you might decide to schedule a message to everyone in the library every day, 10 minutes before the end of lunch.

User Interface of Orah Connect - Adding Broadcast Recipients
User Interface of Orah Connect - Sent Broadcast Overview

Make school life that little bit easier.

If you know how to send an email, you'll know how to use Connect. It's incredibly simple to use.

Use Connect's Broadcast feature to send emails, SMS and push notifications to students, parents and staff based on triggers that you define.

Protect student data with transparency by default.

Get real-time updates on whether your messages have been received and read. Ensure that people are getting the information required when they need it, so you can follow up with the students, parents or staff if need be.

User Interface of Orah Connect - Sent Overview and Audit Trail for Compliance
integrate data with Orah unify

Build powerful custom communications workflows, blazingly fast.

Reference student engagement data from within Orah or your existing Student Information System to build robust student profiles.

Schools can build workflows that reference real-time student engagement data to send timely Broadcasts to parents, students and staff, without lifting a finger.

"[Orah is] a system that is very easy to use, easy to maintain, and set up with great uses across the entire entity of a school."
Anna Kempster
Eton College, UK

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