Simplify attendance and track student involvement

Keeping track of where students are shouldn't be difficult, no matter how necessary it is. Supervise makes sure of that with simple solutions for attendance, sign-in and permission workflows.

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Orah Supervise - Boardingware


Supervise helps you save time, minimise risk and uncover insights with a simple and secure system to track attendance and student whereabouts.

Orah Supervise - Attendance, permissions and sign-in
Remove the administrative burden

Automate and streamline the daily administration required to keep track of students, so duty staff can spend their time with students, not paper.

Take the guesswork out of student accountability

View, track and manage processes in realtime to minimise risk and take the guesswork out of accounting for students whereabouts

Improve record-keeping

Ensure the correct procedures, checks and balances, and approvals are followed accurately and consistently.

Provide a seamless experience for all

Improve the experience by making procedures quick and painless for students, staff and parents.

Take attendance, fast.

Whatever the situation, with Rolls you can accurately track and report on student attendance from anywhere. You can quickly take a roll from your smartphone, collaborate on a school-wide roll check with multiple staff members or even set up an automated roll to capture attendance as students sign in to specific locations.

Take attendance fast

Capture sign-in/out activity in real-time

Increase safety and accountability by providing students with a secure, seamless and modern sign-in/out process. With our Checkpoint solutions, students can sign in/out via an iPad kiosk, swipe card or via our popular Checkpoint Tiles - a way to sign in to different locations by simply scanning your phone, just like Apple Pay!

Simple, scalable and cost-effective… and also Contactless.

Streamline permission workflows and leave requests

Stop chasing parents and staff for permissions and approvals. Use supervise to automate permission processes and reconcile attendance queries in minutes not hours.

Streamline permission workflows and leave requests
"I don't think you can look a parent in the eye and say 'we are doing everything we can' if you don't have [Orah] on your campus. There is no better way to keep track of students on-and-off campus in our modern age."
Andrew Wright
Foxcroft Academy
Key features

The tools you need to monitor and manage student involvement

Location Manager

Distill the complexity of managing student movements into a simple interactive location based model.

Catering Reports

Minimise food waste and cut costs with a live meal schedule for your catering team

Fraud Detection

Boardingware will intelligently identify and alert you if a student is attempting to approve their own request

Permissions & Approvals

Streamline leave permissions and the entire approval process.


Take roll calls from any device and automatically update student’s location.

Gating & Restrictions

Enforce disciplinary action by “Gating” students to restrict them from being able to request leave or sign out for a chosen period of time.


Setup checkpoints around your campus so students can sign themselves in and out of different locations.

In-Transit Tracking

Turn on “In-Transit” tracking to record how long it takes students to move between locations and identify anomalies in behaviour.

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Personalise every student journey with unified data and real-time insights.

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