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Use the Orah pricing calculator to estimate the cost of the modules you would like.

Orah is built to improve student life

You can decide what modules and features you need most at your school, so you only pay for what you need. Modules are priced on a per student basis. Please contact us to create your own custom bundle.

Modules start from
$3 per student/year

Calculate the cost of the modules you would like using the Orah pricing calculator.

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Attendance Module
Know where your students are, in real time
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Class Attendance
Roll Checks
Location Check-Ins
Live Student Location Manager
Attendance Analytics
Orah Passes
Advanced Custom Reporting
Nurture Module
Identify at-risk students
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Student Mood Checks™️
Student Surveys
Orah Notes
Student Health & Wellbeing Reporting
Student Support Library
AI Report Generator
Connect Module
Communicate with students & families
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Broadcasts (Email, App Notifications & SMS)
Custom Alerts
Duty Reports
Coordinate Module
Coordinate daily, weekly & infrequent activities
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Activities Manager
Medication Tracker
Unify Module
Understand & automate school operations
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Reports & Dashboards
Form Builder
Workflow Builder

Orah Platform

The Orah Platform serves as the underlying database that powers Orah.

The platform includes a range of features and comes in two editions (standard and premium). The standard edition is free and platform premium is included in every edition of Orah's paid products.

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Student Profiles
Unlimited Staff Users
HIPAA & ISO Compliance
Standard Integrations
Smart Groups & Filters
Orah Staff App
Custom Branding
Roles & Permissions
Community Forums
Admin tools & Sharing permissions
From US$1800/year
Premium Integrations
Form & Workflow Templates
Orah Student App
Orah for Families App
SAML + Single Sign-On (SSO)
Activity Feed & Posts
Advanced Roles & Permissions
Open API Access
Priority Support

Only pay for what you need

Additional functionality and services are available for all Orah Products.

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SMS Credits
Online Training
On-Site Training

Orah pricing calculator

Use this to estimate how much each Orah module would cost. Tell us a little about yourself and we’ll send you the link to the Orah pricing calculator.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the price of each product plan?

You can see the indicative prices in the pricing tables above. To calculate the cost, simply select the products and tiers that you would like to purchase and times that by the number of students you have. Please contact us for assistance and to get a tailored quote.

Is there a free plan available?

Yes! There is a free version available for many of our products, including free absences manager, school report writer, student behavior tracker & more. Head to our free tools for schools page to learn more.

How quickly will we see results with Orah?

It depends on the product and your school's appetite for change. Orah Attendance and Communications products require some systematic change, but most schools report strong positive feedback from staff within the first 2 months of making the switch.

For our Student Care products, and in particular, schools implementing Mood Checks, we're seeing meaningful results within the first 2-3 weeks.

"so far the Orah trial has been really positive... students take ownership and look forward to their mood checks twice per week. It enables teachers to check in on students and have those wellbeing conversations... without it, they wouldn't know, and it would rely on the student to come forward. Even with just 2/3 weeks of data, we can now see what's really been impacting students. We can now take this to parents; and see this student hasn't been getting enough sleep, we really need to address this. We haven't tapped into wellness library yet, but this app is really powerful" - DP Wellbeing, Primary School

Our free tools are all designed to be valuable right away.

What hardware do I need?

All Orah products can be run on any device with an internet browser connection.
The Orah Checkpoint App requires an iPad running on iOS 10+ for automated student check-ins.

Can I buy Orah products on their own?

Yes. You can build your Orah bundle to your specific school specifications. Contact us to learn more about what plan is best for you.

Is there onboarding and implementation support?

All schools on an 'Improve' plan will have their own dedicated success manager who will build a custom onboarding plan with you, and be there to help you at every step of the way. This is an additional one-time charge that is added to your first subscription term.

To ensure your success, you can purchase online or in-person training as an optional add-on.