Know where your students are, identify at-risk students and communicate, all in one place

Orah helps independent schools meet and exceed their duty of care. Trusted by Eton College, Merchiston Castle School and Phillips Exeter Academy to manage student life on and off campus.

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Know where your students are, in real time

Take attendance from anywhere, or automate rolls with student check-ins. Coordinate, track and manage student movements, on and off school grounds.

Identify at-risk students, improve well-being

Student Mood Checks & Surveys can tell you more about your students in one month than you have learnt in years.

Communicate with students & families

Simple, easy-to-use school communications. Control access, send messages via email, SMS & push notifications, all in one place.

Attendance, Well-being & Communications, all in one place

Trusted for overall simplicity

Orah helps schools meet and exceed their duty of care

Orah is designed to be used on top of your existing student information system, giving you access to student engagement profiles, powerful dashboards, modern communication, attendance, wellness and safeguarding tools to help you really understand and improve student life.

Trusted by some of the world's top schools to manage student life

"I don't think you can look a parent in the eye and say 'we are doing everything we can' if you don't have Orah on your campus."

- Andrew Wright,
Foxcroft Academy, USA

"We use [Orah] to immediately learn what has been taking place leading up to that moment - who is sick, who is off campus, who missed the breakfast roll. All of this information is in one place."

- Antxon Iturbe,
St Anne's Belfield School, USA

"[Orah is] a system that is very easy to use, easy to maintain, and set up with great uses across the entire entity of a school."

- Anna Kempster,
Eton College, UK

Try Orah for yourself

"Students are starting to get more engaged just because of the way we're able to communicate and share information with them"

Jason Coady

Dean of Students & Campus Life
Stuart Hall School

"Orah is a clean platform that allows you to see and track any concerns with students. You can see if they're not participating, eating regularly, or leaving the building. Those are incredibly helpful pieces that facilitate meaningful conversations"

Ryan Brandon

Director of Resident Life
Saint John's Prep

"Orah ensures that you are on the top of your game when it comes to making sure that students are safe and accounted for. After using Orah, I can’t imagine operating without it now."

John Spear

Assistant Head for School Life
Northwood School

"The checkpoint kiosk has provided a professional way to manage the sign in/out of the pupils and staff, which supports the safeguarding of pupils. The system is very easy to use, allowing proper management of access to Boarding Houses."

Anna Kempster

Head of IT Systems
Eton College
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Certified to the highest global standards

Orah’s security and privacy program is based on and aligned with industry-standard frameworks, and we maintain a comprehensive suite of certifications and attestations to further demonstrate our commitment to security and privacy.

GDPR Compliant
General Data Protection Regulation
HIPAA Compliant
Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act
Student Privacy Pledge
Student Privacy Pledge Signatory
COPPA Compliant
Children's Online Privacy Protection Act
ISO/IEC 27001 Certified
Information Security Management System (ISMS)
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(Valid until 24 Aug 2024)
View Certificate
(Valid from 24 Aug 2024)
ISO/IEC 27018 Certified
Protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
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(Valid until 24 Aug 2024)
View Certificate
(Valid from 24 Aug 2024)
DPA Compliant
Data Protection Act (UK)
PIPEDA Compliant
Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act

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"[Orah is] a system that is very easy to use, easy to maintain, and set up with great uses across the entire entity of a school. The system is highly adaptable and has the ability to integrate with other systems, for example, allowing the data to flow back into Eton’s core absence reporting system."

- Anna Kempster, Head of IT Systems, Eton College, UK