See Who's On-Campus. Keep Students Safe.

Orah brings all your student location and activity information into one platform, so you can stay on-top of absences, oversee student travel and leave permissions, boost emergency response plans, and give parents peace of mind that their children are in safe hands.

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Before we dive into Orah,
let's talk about how we got here.

Our attitudes towards school security have changed.

Over the past few years there have been an increasing number of threats, tragedies and incidents that have sparked rapidly increasing pressure for schools to do better.


of parents want their school to take extra steps to ensure children's safety.

- State of School Safety Report 2018


threats of school violence are received on average every day, compared to 10 per day at the end of 2017

- NPR, 2018


of students don't think their school does a good job at listening to them on safety matters.

- State of School Safety Report 2018

Parents need to know that their children are safe when they’re at school, and because of the global shift towards technology, connectivity and information, parents today have a new set of expectations.

Just like tracking packages ordered from Amazon, parents need to know that their students are safe when they're travelling on-and-off campus. They want to stay updated with what is happening, not to be left in the dark. They want to participate in the safety of their kids, not to feel helpless. They want to feel confident in their schools emergency preparedness, not scared.

The way we account for students is broken.

We live in a world where information drives what we do. However, the basic information required to account for our student's safety is not easily available for schools. It’s fragmented in several different systems, easily lost, outdated, and prone to human error.

For example, your school might use paper forms to track leave permissions, spreadsheets to manage field trips and a different system to take attendance. Then if a student isn’t accounted for in class, you have to check with security to see if they have signed-out, hunt through emails and filing cabinets, and follow up with parents to find out where they are.

Manual and Static

Fragmented Data

Lack of Visibility

These systems worked well in a pre-internet world, but are not fit not for the hyper-connected world of today. When data is spread across several systems, it creates doubt in the accuracy of information and makes it difficult to find what you need. This slows down communication and creates a gap in trust/understanding between staff, students and parents.

The result? Bad experiences for parents, tarnishing your schools brand and reputation; Inconsistent record keeping, making it difficult to comply with inspections and possible legal action; Unavailable location data in an emergency, slowing down response teams; Slow and inaccurate data collection, preventing early risk identification.

We need a new framework for student accountability.

What we’ve realised is that schools really need a single source of truth to account for their students, and this requires a new way of thinking. Rather than trying to find a new all-in-one solution to replace everything, schools should be focusing on finding new ways to combine, and organise their existing data in one place.

Just imagine, having all your systems feed into a single place. Giving you a single source of data that's easy to search, share and analyse, so you can close the gap and drive your security strategy with confidence.

That’s where Orah comes in. Orah is providing schools with a brand new framework to connect your existing systems together and combine it with additional workflows to track the flow of students, providing you with a single source of truth for your student accountability.

Empowering safer schools with data.

Having all your data in one place opens up new possibilities to monitor security incidents in real-time, identify risks early, automate administrative actions, and gain valuable insights to strengthen your schools safety capabilities.

At Orah, we believe that every parent deserves the peace of mind that their children are safe. Join us on our mission to create safer learning environments through the power of data.

So how does it work?

1. sources

Collect location data from your existing systems

Your school is already collecting a lot of valuable information to account for your students location. The problem is that this information is fragmented in several different systems, making it impossible to make any sense out of it. Until now.

Integrate your SIS, Visitor Sign-in, WiFi and other existing systems with the Orah API to send and contextualise all your location data in one platform.

2. flows

Track and manage the flow of students on-and-off campus

When students are in your care, it's important to ensure you have a way to keep track of them as they flow on-and-off-campus.

Orah comes with a suite of tools, specifically designed to help schools manage leave permissions, take roll checks, coordinate school organised events, monitor student check-in's and much more.

3. Connect

Bring it all together to understand the full picture

Don't get left in the dark. Orah connects the dots by automatically assembling all your location and accountability records into a single timeline. Giving you a single source of truth to account for your students past, present and scheduled activity.

4. Empower

Create safer schools through the power of data

By using the data collected, Orah enables schools to take a smarter, more proactive approach to student safety. Reporting, intelligence and automation tools make it possible to identify risks, assess performance and manage student safety like never before.

Strengthen school security with a real-time dashboard of who is on-and-off campus.

Analyse your data to discover trends and identify risks to prevent incidents from occurring.

Use triggers and rules to automate administration, accelerate communications, and improve emergency response outcomes.

Generate reports to measure and assess your overall effectiveness

Coming soon...

The Orah Platform is currently in development. Take a sneak peek of what's in our pipeline below.

Let's build the future of student safety together.

We're looking for 20 forward-thinking schools to help us develop Orah as a beta-design partner. Fill out the form below to reserve your spot and learn more about our partner program. Hurry, spaces are filling up quick!

Applications close 31st January 2019 | Only 7 spaces left | Lifetime discounts available

As a design partner, you will be provided with free access to the beta version of the Orah Platform. Your participation and feedback during this time will help to influence the design and direction of Orah as we continue on our mission to help create safer schools through the power of data.

So if you're passionate about student safety and would like to contribute your expertise, we would love to have you onboard. Just fill out the form above and we will be in touch to answer any questions you have!