Compliance is compulsory,
complexity is not.

Orah's simple cloud software allows your school to automate operations and gain peace of mind.


Automate Permissions

Regain valuable time by taking permissions online and removing the need for tedious follow up.

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Account for People

Understand where your students are at all times.

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Enhance Security

Combine permissions and live student locations to account for kids in real time during a crisis or drill.

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Automate permissions,
Off-load the 'follow-up'

The process to assess risk, gain consent and store permissions is hugely time-consuming and is only getting harder. Orah automates the process so you can get in and get out as soon as possible.

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Use attendance data to conduct emergency procedures in real-time

Emergency situations can be stressful. With Orah you can utilise real-time data to account for students quickly.

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No more phone calls, texts and emails to find out where students are

One of the biggest burdens a school faces, is keeping track of student attendance. Keep on top of it with orah's student accountability platform.

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Analyse and understand what's happening in real-time

Success Stories

Millbrook School
NY, United States

For our fire drill, we have a preset response plan where all dorm students assemble in the gym for a roll check. The roll is quickly taken and Dan was able to walk through and reconcile any missing kids with Orah.

This was unbelievable effective. There was one student who was unaccounted for and didn't come to campus, but because it was already in the system, we knew exactly which student was missing within minutes.

It's time to stop paying so much for operational efficiencies.

Isn't it strange how many operational staff we have compared to teachers? Let's get orah in to run your school so you can put more time into education.

Non-teaching to teaching staff commonly seen at independent schools