Education products don't have to be clunky, expensive or hard to implement.

Orah’s intuitive Student Engagement Platform has all the software you need for student attendance, event management, health and well-being, security and data analysis, so you can measure and improve every student's unique experience on campus.


Centralise student engagement data, build enriched profiles, uncover holistic insights and empower everyone to collaborate and deliver a personalised experience to every student.

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Orah Unify


Effortless student attendance, absences and daily student movements from the palm of your hand.

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Orah Supervise - Boardingware


Coordinate removes the difficulties of organising student activities and events so you can focus on creating the best experiences for your students.

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Orah Coordinate


Leverage Orah's location data and improve emergency response time, communicate effectively and ensure your campus is prepared for crisis situations.

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Orah Safeguard


Measure and monitor student wellbeing, identify risks and take action to ensure every student get’s the help and attention they need.

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Orah Nurture


Orah Connect allows teachers and school staff to send out email, text & in-app communications to parents, colleagues and students based on real-time student data.

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Orah Nurture


Enrich student profiles with plug-and-play integrations or build your own custom integrations with our Open API.

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