Veracross + Orah Integration

Sync your student database between Veracross and Orah

To get the most out of Orah, you'll need to import your student data. Orah provides a native integration to import students from your Veracross database and automatically syncs with Veracross every 24 hours. This ensures that your data management remains consistent across platforms.

Take Class Attendance with Orah + Veracross

Orah makes knowing where your students are so. much. easier.

Orah Roll Checks has 3 roll types for different use cases within a school.  The 'Class Attendance' roll type is specifically designed for taking attendance based on the school timetable like classes, athletic, and advisory meetings.

A Class Attendance roll type can be created by going to Roll Settings > New Roll Type. Your school admin only needs to set this up once, then you will find your scheduled Class Attendance roll for each enabled class in your 'My Schedule' view (this view can be accessed in the Orah webapp, on the Orah staff mobile app or instantly via the Orah Roll Checks Chrome plugin).

It is now possible to trigger workflows based on attendance records

In the example below, a workflow will be triggered once a student has been marked with a "Late" code type during Class Attendance 3 times in the last month.

Once the workflow is triggered, you can define the next steps with the workflow builder. This may include sending alerts to specific staff members, completing a form, or requiring a staff approval.

Creating a new workflow based on attendance records

Read more about how Orah works for Class Attendance.

Veracross Integration Overview

With the Veracross integration, you can eliminate the hassle of double-handling data between two systems. Veracross will manage core information fields within Orah, so any updates made within Veracross will reflect in Orah upon your next automatic or manual sync. This will help ensure your data is consistent and accurate across the board.

What data can you sync?

Orah is capable of syncing your most relevant pupil information from Veracross. See below for the exact information that can be integrated.

Pupil Information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Student Reference ID
  • Email
  • Home Phone
  • Sex
  • Date of Birth
  • Grade Level
  • House (Dorm) Assignment

Contact information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Relationship
  • Home Phone
  • Mobile Phone
  • Email
  • Address


  • House (Dorm) names


  • Create
  • Edit
  • Delete

How to setup the Veracross Integration in Orah

To be able to integrate with Orah, you'll need to generate specific authentication information from within Veracross. You (or your school's IT department) will collect an API Username, API Password, and API Client Abbreviation.

Note: If you have any questions about generating the necessary authentication information from within Veracross, please visit the Veracross Support page at

Once this is completed, go into the Integrations panel in your Orah account to populate the information into the corresponding fields, flip the day student toggle if you want to include the full student body, and leave the "Include Houses" toggle on in order to include House/Dorm names in the sync.

When you click "Enable Integration", the first sync will occur.

How it works

By enabling this integration, your Veracross API credentials will be authenticated and saved to our Orah database. An initial sync will take place to import all students from your Veracross database and merge any existing students in the Orah database.

Managing your data

Syncing your data

You can set the automatic sync to occur once every 24 hours (generally overnight) or alternatively, you can perform a manual sync with a single click which will sync your student information instantly.

Existing students

If you already have students in your Orah account, we do our best to automatically link existing students via individual matching references from within Orah and Veracross. If we are unable to match your students, you will find these students are listed on the debugger page where you can search and match these students.

Deleting students

As Veracross will manage your core information, you will need to mark a student as inactive in Veracross in order to remove them from your Orah account. We offer the option of deleting students, which will permanently remove all records associated with this student, or a deactivate option which will archive their records. The deactivate option is applied by default.


If you are having any issues during or after the setup process, as an Orah customer you will have a dedicated customer success manager who can help resolve any issues.

Please refer to the Orah Help Center for more information on the Veracross integration.

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