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Managing Attendance as an Attendance Manager


Excusing Students from Class

This video demonstrates how to excuse a student from class as an attendance manager or staff member in Orah

How to Edit Roll Records in Orah

This video demonstrates how to edit call records as an attendance manager or any user with access to attendance records in Orah

Reminding Teachers to Complete Attendance

This video demonstrates how to follow up on teachers to complete their roll checks as an attendance manager in Orah

Orah 101


Orah for Attendance & Location Management - Overview

This guide will show you how Orah Attendance works

Orah for School Communications

In this lesson, we'll show you how to effectively use Orah Connect to improve communication between staff, students, and parents.

Orah for Identifying At-Risk Students - Overview

In this lesson, we'll show you how to use Orah to identify students who likely flying under the radar or are at-risk

Setting up Orah for Managing Attendance


Mapping Orah Rolls and Excuses to your SIS

This video outlines how to configure the integration of class attendance roll types and excuses from Orah to a Student Information System.

Integrating Orah with your SIS

This video is a step-by-step guide on how to integrate your Student Information System (SIS) with Orah

Setting up Class Attendance Roll Types

This video provides a detailed tutorial on setting up class attendance role types in Orah

Setting Up Passes in Orah to Excuse Students from Class

This video provides a comprehensive guide on setting up and managing passes in Orah to excuse students from class.

Setting up the Public Excuse Form for Parents

This video shows how to set up a public request form in Orah, enabling parents to submit excuses for their children's absences directly.

Onboarding Users to Manage and Take Attendance


Setting up User Roles for Attendance Management

This video demonstrates how to set up different user roles in Orah to manage attendance permissions effectively

Importing Staff from your SIS and Assigning User Roles

This video demonstrates how to set up and sync your staff members from your SIS and assign them to the appropriate user roles

Implementation Guide


How to use Workflows

This video introduces the concept of workflows in Orah, explaining how operations are initiated based on system-triggered data

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