Flourishing and the Ecology of Wellbeing: a Conversation with Wendy Ellyatt
Episode #9: Flourishing and the Ecology of Wellbeing: a Conversation with Wendy Ellyatt
On-Demand Webinar with Paul Organ and Wendy Ellyatt

Explore the intertwining of wellbeing and education with Wendy Elliott in a profound discussion on shaping a future of flourishing.
join us in an enlightening conversation with Wendy Elliott, where she delves deep into the essential role of education in cultivating wellbeing throughout life. With nearly four decades of experience, Wendy shares her insights on the Flourish Project and how schools can pivot towards nurturing well-rounded individuals. Discover the critical importance of early years, the interconnectedness of personal happiness, societal impact, and environmental sustainability, and the redefinition of success in our current educational landscape. This episode is a must-listen for educators, parents, and anyone invested in creating a thriving, regenerative future.
Flourishing and the Ecology of Wellbeing: a Conversation with Wendy Ellyatt

Show Notes for "Improving Student Life": An Interview with Wendy Elliott

In this insightful episode, our host engages with Wendy Elliott, a passionate advocate for well-being in the educational system. They delve into the concepts of flourishing and well-being across various life stages, with a special focus on the role of schools in nurturing these aspects.

  • The Flourish Project: Wendy discusses her work on the Flourish Project, emphasizing its global impact and alignment with Orah's vision.
  • Well-being and Flourishing: The conversation explores the importance of well-being not just as personal happiness but as a holistic concept involving the self, others, and the natural world.
  • Role of Schools: Wendy stresses the pivotal role schools play in creating conducive environments for well-being and cultivating future generations.
  • Challenges in Education: The episode touches upon the current challenges faced by educational institutions and the need for a shift towards a more flourishing-centered approach.
  • Personal Insights: Wendy shares personal anecdotes and reflections, adding depth to the discussion about human flourishing.
  • Practical Applications: The conversation also navigates towards practical strategies for schools and educators to integrate well-being into their curriculum.

For more information on Wendy Elliott and her work, visit the Flourish Project's Official Website.

Join us in this engaging and thought-provoking episode as we explore how we can collectively work towards a future where every individual flourishes.

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