Taking Class Attendance with Orah
Episode #1: Taking Class Attendance with Orah
Orah Training Sessions with Kurt Meyer and Paul Organ

Learn how you can use Orah for Class Attendance to make taking attendance faster, easier and more reliable for your whole school.
In this webinar with Paul & Kurt (the co-founders of Orah), you will learn how you can use Orah for Class Attendance to make taking attendance faster, easier and more reliable for your whole school.
Taking Class Attendance with Orah

Orah has been helping schools to know where their students are since 2014, recently more and more schools are using Orah to take class attendance (read more about Orah's class attendance features).

To celebrate the launch of our Free Orah Roll Checks Chrome Plugin, Orah co-founders Paul & Kurt will show you how you can make attendance easy without changing your SIS. Learn how your school can leverage the power of Orah to transform your class attendance, without changing any of your existing technology.

Teachers have saved hours each day, school leaders can be at ease knowing that the location of their students is accurately tracked while students are in their care.

In this webcast, you’ll discover

  • The 3 tenets of student life
  • A new way to think about Class Attendance, which will make it much easier for teachers and school leaders
  • How to manage absences almost entirely automatically
  • How Orah's Attendance module works

Here are the slides:

Use Orah to know where your students are

"For all our feedback about things we want to see, overall it's a very positive experience, accuracy of student location and rolls is so so much better than [redacted]. We were at an excursion yesterday and it was infinitely better knowing where the students were. Same thing for a fire drill this morning." - Quote from new Orah school
"We wanted to be able to use this for tracking day student locations in addition to boarders, and for conducting regular COVID symptom checks. It's done all that with ease, and it works for us just as well for day students as it does for boarders. It's also simplified communication and documentation, cutting down on email and putting all the important information about a student in one place." - See the full review on G2

Contact kurt@orah.com or get a demo if you would like to try Orah for Class Attendance.

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