Adapting Orah to the Covid-Safe Charter
Episode #4: Adapting Orah to the Covid-Safe Charter
On-Demand Webinar with Vincent Paget and Kurt Meyer

Discover how boarding schools can adapt to COVID-19 safety protocols using tech, as explored in our detailed webinar with expert insights.
In this webinar, "Adapting Boardingware to the COVID Safe Charter," we delve into practical strategies for boarding schools navigating the complexities of COVID-19. Featuring Orah experts Kurt Meyer and Vincent Paget, this session explores the application of Boardingware technology in aligning with the BSA's COVID Safe Charter. We discuss key aspects like student tracking, managing arrivals, ensuring safety practices, and utilizing new features for effective communication and symptom monitoring. Essential for educators and boarding school administrators, this webinar provides a roadmap for maintaining safety and efficiency in a challenging educational landscape.
Adapting Orah to the Covid-Safe Charter

Note: This episode was originally published with Orah was called Boardingware.

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