Shaping Tomorrow's Boarding Experience: Fessenden School's Tech-Forward Approach
On-Demand Webinar with Vincent Paget and Mac Jackson

Uncover best practices in student life management with Fessenden School, highlighting the impact of technology in boarding schools
Join us for this episode where Mac Jackson, Assistant Director of Residential Life at Fessenden School, shares his invaluable insights on leveraging Orah in a junior boarding school setting. Dive into a detailed exploration of how technology streamlines student accountability, trip management, and enhances overall safety. Learn about the transformative impact on weekend trip planning, communication efficiency, and proactive student engagement. This episode is a must-listen for educators seeking to optimize residential life management through innovative tech solutions.

Note: This episode was originally published when Orah was called Boardingware.

  • Introduction: Host Vincent introduces Mac Jackson, Assistant Director of Residential Life at Fessenden School.
  • Fessenden School Overview: Mac discusses the school's boarding structure, student demographics, and residential life.
  • Orah Introduction: The initial adoption of Orah for better student management and safety.
  • Best Practices & Adaptations: How Festedin School customized Boardingware for their specific needs.
  • Enhancing Weekend Trips: Streamlining trip management and student engagement in extracurricular activities.
  • Utilizing Technology for Safety: Leveraging real-time updates for improved student tracking and safety.
  • Q&A Session: Mac addresses audience questions on various aspects of using Orah in a school environment.
  • Conclusion: Final thoughts and the importance of integrating technology in boarding school management.

For more information about Fessenden, visit the Fessenden Website.

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