Nurturing Student Wellbeing: Insights from Andrea Downie
On-Demand Webinar with Paul Organ and Andrea Downie

Explore student well-being in education with Andrea Downie, discussing eudaimonia vs. hedonia and fostering long-term fulfillment.
Join us for a profound conversation with Andrea Downie, co-founder of Project Thrive, as she unravels the complexities of nurturing student well-being in contemporary education systems. In this episode, Andrea discusses two ancient philosophies – eudaimonia (meaning and purpose) and hedonia (pleasure) – and their impact on student development. She emphasizes the importance of shifting focus from short-term happiness to long-term fulfillment and purpose in education. Through her expertise in well-being science, system leadership, and education redesign, Andrea provides actionable insights for educators to create learning environments that foster genuine student engagement, personal growth, and resilience.
  • Introduction: Andrea Downie's background and her work with Project Thrive.
  • Eudaimonia vs. Hedonia: Understanding the two ancient philosophies and their relevance in modern education.
  • The Role of Well-Being in Schools: How current educational approaches might be missing the mark in nurturing true student well-being.
  • Shifting Focus in Education: The need to move away from outcome-focused teaching to more meaningful, journey-focused learning experiences.
  • Empowering Agency in Students and Educators: Strategies for fostering a sense of purpose and engagement in the learning process.
  • Challenges in Implementing Eudaimonic Education: Discussing the obstacles schools face in adopting this approach and how to overcome them.
  • Key Takeaways: Andrea shares her final thoughts on the importance of holistic well-being in education and its long-term benefits.

Listeners can reach out to Andrea for further questions via email at For more information on Project Thrive, visit their website. This episode is available for replay on our webinar channel.

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