Shaping the Future: Navigating EdTech's Evolution in Schools with Gary
Episode #11: Shaping the Future: Navigating EdTech's Evolution in Schools with Gary
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Explore the evolving landscape of EdTech with Gary, a director of IT. Dive into the challenges and strategy of integrating tech in schools.
Join us in this intriguing episode as we sit down with Gary, a seasoned director of IT and an experienced educator. Gary shares his profound insights on the significant shifts in educational technology, especially in the wake of the pandemic. Delve into the discussion about the challenges of integrating new apps, managing data security, and the importance of having a strategic approach in education technology. Whether you're an educator, IT professional, or interested in the future of educational tech, this episode offers valuable perspectives on balancing technological advancement with the core objectives of teaching and learning.
Shaping the Future: Navigating EdTech's Evolution in Schools with Gary

This episode features a comprehensive discussion with Gary, a director of IT at Millfield School and an experienced educator. The conversation revolves around the role of technology in education, the impact of the pandemic, and strategies for effective tech integration in schools.

Key Points Discussed

  • Evolution of educational technology over the years and its acceleration during the pandemic.
  • Challenges of integrating numerous apps and tools in the educational sector.
  • The importance of cybersecurity and data protection in schools.
  • Strategies for effective management and utilization of educational technology.
  • The role of collaboration and sharing in the education technology community.

Resources Mentioned

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