Uncover those valuable insights that are already in your school data

Unify brings all your student data into one place giving you real-time views of your cohorts, classes and students. Cross-reference student wellness, attendance and academic data to identify trends, leading indicators of students' success or failure, and much more.

integrate data with Orah unify
Real-Time Insights

Student engagement doesn't have to be a guessing game

Achieve a single source of truth for student engagement with Unify's powerful dashboards. Connect your existing student information systems in less than 15 minutes with out-of-the-box integrations or quickly connect disparate systems via our API.

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Gain a holistic view of every student with detailed student profiles

Collect disparate student data across attendance, wellness and academics to gain a single, data-rich student profile that you can use to improve every interaction.

✓ Share and collaborate

With advanced roles & permissions, you can assign access to appropriate users to enable real-time, informed decision making.

a holistic overview of every student
Build custom reports and dashboards for your school

Inform key decisions with easy-to-read custom reports

With our report builder, custom dashboards and range of templates, it's easier than ever to empower your team with the right data when they need it.

✓ Say goodbye to data silos

Unify your attendance, wellness and academic data from your SIS or LMS into one platform

✓ Enrich your existing data

Make better data-driven decisions by overlaying wellness data from Orah Nurture or Location-specific attendance data from Orah Supervise.


Use Orah Workflows to streamline your school operations

By eliminating complex data silos, you can reduce process inefficiencies dramatically. With Orah, you can build automated workflows to trigger when your specified conditions are met.

✓ Use workflows to:
  • Automate bullying reports, after seeing a low wellness report, staff can fill out a form to trigger an anti-bullying workflow.
  • Alert leadership when academic results are dropping, with previous 3 months of attendance and wellness trends attached. Build towards a proactive model where these trends can be identified before academic results decline.

Automate school workflows

Notify key personnel via SMS, email or push notifications when trends appear

Orah Connect allows you to notify students, parents or staff when a trend appears for a specific student, class or cohort.

✓ Use automatic notifications to:
  • Alert teachers, students and parents when a students attendance trend is dropping, and suggest actions to improve it.
  • Alert school counsellors of changes in wellness trends, so they can prioritize care.

More features to power your school operations

Basic Rolls

Distill the complexity of managing student movements into a simple interactive location based model.

Basic Permissions

Minimise food waste and cut costs with a live meal schedule for your catering team

Student and Parent Apps

Boardingware will intelligently identify and alert you if a student is attempting to approve their own request

Custom Branding

Turn on “In-Transit” tracking to record how long it takes students to move between locations and identify anomalies in behaviour.

User Permissions

Enforce disciplinary action by “Gating” students to restrict them from being able to request leave or sign-out for a chosen period of time.

Audit Log

Improve boarding experience by providing students and parents with their own mobile app to close the communication gap with boarding staff.

CORE features

The tools you need to understand your students, and make informed decisions

Student Profiles

Centralise all of your student interactions into a unified profile to create a single view of the student.

Form Builder

Build custom forms to streamline administration and enrich student profiles with custom data.

Workflow Builder

Streamline processes, ensure procedures are followed consistently and notify key personnel of trend changes.

Pastoral Notes

Capture, share and collaborate on student wellbeing and pastoral care. Receive powerful summaries using AI.

Reports & Dashboards

Analyse your data and generate actionable insights with custom reports and dashboards.

Activity Feed

The activity feed compiles everything into a simple timeline, so you always know what’s happening.

Family App

Involve parents in the development of their children and work together to bring the best out of each individual.

Integrate with your SIS/LMS

Connect your school data in one place to enrich student profiles and uncover insights that were not possible before.
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"[Orah is] a system that is very easy to use, easy to maintain, and set up with great uses across the entire entity of a school. The system is highly adaptable and has the ability to integrate with other systems, for example, allowing the data to flow back into Eton’s core absence reporting system."

- Anna Kempster, Head of IT Systems, Eton College, UK

Enrich your school data with Orah's specialized solutions

Engage your students and make informed decision with our suite of powerful products.


Safeguard your school. Track and manage student movements, on and off school grounds.

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Student Care

Monitor & improve student behavior & wellness. Identify risks early and take proactive action.

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Communicate & engage familes with email, SMS & in-app notifications. Share reports easily.

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