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Nurture Beta is Enabled For Our Early Adopters

Kavyapriya Sethu

January 24, 2022

Mood Check | Designed by Storyset

Kids and adolescents experience a rollercoaster of emotions (frustrated, excited, nervous, sad, jealous, frightened, worried, angry, and embarrassed) just as adults do. They are triggered and influenced by many things like puberty, experiences at school, their relationships with friends, and family, and more. 

Kids don’t know how to express their feelings in socially appropriate ways. Teens as they navigate adolescence find it difficult to open up and talk about their feelings. Often, they are in the phase of their lives where they want to deal with stressful situations on their own. When they do talk about their feelings, it’s usually in generic (or non-descript) terms. Also, their mood can impact their ability to learn, their engagement in school, and their behavior. Parents and teachers are responsible to teach emotional awareness to their kids and help them cope with the woes of growing up. 

Teachers are uniquely placed to support students’ mental health. However, lack of data hinders teachers from understanding what the student community is feeling, leaving teachers to solve problems as they arise. They rely on assumptions and interpretations made by different staff members on students' mental wellbeing, which are not always effective in supporting students. Moreover, prolonged lack of the right kind of support can lead to a drop in academic performance, poor engagement, absenteeism, increased number of students dropping out of schools, and displays of aggressive behavior. Thus, it damages the school's reputation.

 So how can you support them?

Just like how they learned to talk, walk, and do other amazing feats, let's work together to help them optimize their wellbeing. With Nurture's mood check feature, you can 

  • Implement a safe space for regular check-ins with students
  • Collect data on how students are feeling and draw insights on how you can help struggling students
  • Allow for fewer students to fall through the cracks when it comes to their mental health. 
  • Help students reflect on their feeling and help them understand what activities or areas could be improved to help them towards staying in a positive mood.
  • understand what activities or areas could be improved to help students be in a positive mood
  • analyze energy, emotions, and influences logged by the students over time to determine if any student might be suffering from a mood disorder

Nurture's mood check feature also allows students to 

  • identify the triggers that affect their mood
  • learn how factors such as sleep, diet, and daily activities affect their moods.
  • develop coping techniques to better control their negative moods
  • determine if they need to seek help to feel better

Interested in exploring Nurture for your school? Become an early adopter and be the first to test the look and feel of our new product. If you are interested, please drop an email to kurt@orah.com

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Kavyapriya Sethu

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