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Manage Your Staff With Greater Flexibility And Control

Kurt Meyer

August 16, 2016

Whilst managing your students is a big responsibility, managing your staff is just as important.At Boardingware we understand how important it is for boarding staff to work together as a team and that’s why we wanted to give you greater flexibility and control to manage your staff the way you need to.In our recent update, we’ve made it possible for you to configure tailored accounts with new user-restrictions, manage staff information with comprehensive profiles and monitor their activity.

New Staff User Restrictions

With Boardingware, you now have the ability to set restrictions in 3 main areas: Permissions, Accessibility and Features.The permissions section enables you to control a user's ability to make changes to student information. That includes editing student profile information, editing or deleting leave, pastoral and attendance records, and the ability to view sensitive pastoral records.Limiting who can modify student information will help you to keep your data accurate and secure, and it may also help you to comply with any legal conditions your school may have with student information.[caption id="attachment_1155" align="aligncenter" width="925"]

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 2.16.22 PM

Control what your staff can and cannot access in Boardingware[/caption]You can also control which houses or dorms a user can access. This is useful if your staff are responsible for a specific house(s) as it may be unnecessary for them to have access to all school information. Plus, only granting access to the houses they are responsible for, will help to simplify their engagement with the system and better organise your staff management.But more importantly, you now have the ability to restrict access to certain features. This means you have more control over what your staff can and cannot do inside of Boardingware. It also gives you the opportunity to configure customised accounts for prefects, proctors, kiosk only account or any other user type you may need for your boarding school.

Staff Profiles

Each staff member will also have their own profile, making it easier for you to view and manage their accounts. Inside each profile, you’ll be able to view and edit their basic information, Account details and user-restrictions, as well as their recent activity.[caption id="attachment_1156" align="aligncenter" width="804"]


Manage staff accounts in their own profiles[/caption]You also have the ability to see how many sessions each staff member is logged into at any one time. A session is when someone is logged into Boardingware. This is helpful to quickly see when a staff member is logged into Boardingware on multiple devices.As an administrator, you also have the power to “End all sessions”. This will instantly log that staff member out of Boardingware from every device. So if a staff member loses their phone or you suspect that something is wrong, you can protect your student information by “Ending all sessions”. You also have the ability to “Delete” or “Suspend” a user if need be.You can also view the recent activity of when a staff user has recently logged into Boardingware. The date, time and IP address used to access Boardingware will also be recorded so you can easily check for any suspicious behaviour and asses their engagement with the system.


Recent Login Activity

Administrators also have the ability to view the recent login activity for all your staff users.Just like our Auditing tool, you’ll be able to view a concise record of your staff’s login history so you can simply check who and when your staff were online.We’re always seeking to improve Boardingware and have some really exciting features coming up in our pipeline. Please subscribe to this blog or follow us on twitter to keep updated with our latest news and updates.If you have any questions, thoughts or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the section below. :)[marketo-fat form="1107"]

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Kurt Meyer

Kurt is one of the Co-founders of Orah, currently based in Japan. He manages the product team to deliver the best possible experience to our users.

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