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Eerde International Boarding School

Previously struggling with tracking student locations and dealing with multiple platforms, Eerde found a comprehensive solution in Orah

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School Type:
International Boarding School
"[Orah] helps us apply expectations more consistently and keep better track of our students."
Katie Voelker
Boarding Staff
Eerde International Boarding School


In this success story, we share how Eerde International Boarding School, guided by Katie Voelker, significantly improved its management of student life by switching to Orah. Previously struggling with tracking student locations and dealing with multiple platforms, Eerde found a comprehensive student life solution in Orah. The software not only enhanced student tracking but also streamlined various operational aspects, making the school's management more efficient and effective. This story serves as an example of how tailored technological solutions can transform educational institutions.

"The program works well and Orah offers a high level of support." - Katie Voelker, Eerde

Eerde International Boarding School's Experience with Orah

School Profile

Eerde International Boarding School, located on a tranquil country estate near Amsterdam, Netherlands, offers comprehensive education and boarding facilities. The school is unique in its offering of day, flexible, and full boarding options. Prioritising quality education and student well-being, Eerde needed an effective system to manage and track student activities and whereabouts.

Problems Faced

  1. Difficulty in Tracking Students: Previously using iSAMS for attendance management, Eerde faced challenges in accurately tracking student locations – a critical need for boarding schools.
  2. Fragmented Systems: The school was juggling multiple platforms that did not integrate well, leading to disjointed communication and operational inefficiencies.

Need for Change

Eerde required a solution specifically tailored for boarding schools – one that could integrate various aspects of student life management into a single, cohesive system.

The Solution - Orah

Orah was selected for its boarding school-centric design and capabilities. It offered:

  1. Enhanced Student Location Tracking: Orah provided precise and real-time tracking of students.
  2. Integration with iSAMS: Crucially, Orah's ability to integrate with iSAMS allowed for seamless write-backs when needed, ensuring continuity and accuracy in attendance records.
  3. Unified Platform: Orah combined attendance, student passes, and documentation management into one system, simplifying operations and improving communication.


  • Improved Tracking and Management: Orah's advanced tracking system significantly enhanced the school's ability to monitor student locations, contributing to a safer, more secure environment.
  • Operational Efficiency: The integration of various platforms into Orah streamlined school operations, reducing administrative burden and improving communication.
  • Managing Disruptions: With Orah, Eerde could manage student activities, tardies and sick leave more consistently, especially in cases like marking students "ill" and automatically excusing them from class, reducing administrative burden and improving communication between staff.
"Recently we began marking when a student is ill in boarding, and then gating them for the day. Due to the shift change, this helps us apply expectations more consistently and keep better track of our students." - Katie Voelker, Eerde

Sharing Feedback with Orah

Eerde frequently shares feedback in areas that they'd want to improve Orah even more.

Katie shares "I would love for the general information section to be expanded. For example, medical section divided into subtopics such as allergies, medical history, current concerns, current medications. It would also be beneficial to have a general notes section."

This functionality, and more, is now available to schools worldwide for free with Orah Notes for Schools. Sign up free, invite your colleagues and see how it works here.


Eerde International Boarding School's adoption of Orah illustrates how the right technology can revolutionize the management of a boarding school. By addressing key challenges and leveraging Orah's specialized features, Eerde has significantly improved its operational efficiency and the overall well-being of its students.

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