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St. Scholastica's College

St. Scholastica's College cracked down false approvals with IP fraud detection

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School Type:
Boarding and Day
Glebe, Sydney, Australia
"Everything was on paper. Storage and archive issues, save the trees etc. Everything had to be done in duplicate or triplicate. An on-line system was inevitable."
Nadia Mansutti
Head of Boarding
St. Scholastica's College

What was the biggest challenge before you used Orah at your school?

Everything was on paper. Storage and archive issues, we need to think about saving the trees etc. Everything had to be done in duplicate or triplicate. An on-line system was inevitable.

What was the process of getting started with Orah like?

Easy - the trial period was good, but probably needed to be longer to allow for set up and the staff and parents getting used to the system - we were working with some staff with minimal computer skills. The measured introduction to the system, staff first, then kids, then parents, worked well.

What has the success/support team at Orah been like to work with?

Pretty good.

What was it like to get the rest of your team up and running with Orah?

In some cases - they were all over it...Under 30s, fantastic, over 40s took a while, some still struggling with it.

What has allowed you to be so successful with Orah?

Persistence. Still some issues, but again this is usually down to the user, not the system. It has provided much needed accountability.

Has there been a particular Orah feature that has helped you the most?

IP address recognition! [Nadia is referring to IP address recognition within the leave request system]

What would you say to other schools looking to implement Orah at their school?


What made you choose Orah over the other options out there?

Recommendation from another school - and having trialled another system only to find it too cumbersome.

Is there any final thoughts or words you would like to share?

Keep up the good work, looking forward to some of the new things, like the reminders for the kids! [now released in Event Coordinator]

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