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Log and categorize teacher's notes on the go, allocate house points, mark notes as sensitive or add a student to a 'watchlist' to escalate and securely share with your team. Orah uses these notes to generate instant accurate student progress reports as often as you need them. All for free.
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How does Orah Notes work?

First, we recommend watching the demo at the top of this page. That will give you a good introduction to Orah Notes.

After that, refer to this section to understand what goes into creating an Orah Note, and how you can use these notes to generate accurate duty reports, student progress reports and more!

Logging an Orah Note

Using the Orah Notes Chrome Extension

You can install the Chrome Extension here.

You can log notes from any tab using the official Chrome Extension

Using the Orah Notes Homeview

You will land on a page similar to this after you sign up to Orah Notes.

From here, you can create a note using the '+ Create Note' button in the top right. Watch the demo at the top of this page to understand how it works.

From your Mobile Device

One of the reasons people who choose Orah Notes over alternative systems end up using frequently is because of how easy it is to use on-the-go.

Using the Orah Staff App, staff can log Orah Notes on the field, on a walk or in the middle of assembly!

Download the Orah Staff App (You must signup for an account on this website before you can login)

From the Homeboard (Paid Version Only)

If your school signs up to the paid version of Orah, you will see a board like this where you can apply filters to see your class or group.

Your Orah Homeboard

From here, you will select the students you want to log an Orah Note for, then select the 'Conduct' button.

Logging an Orah Note

You can change the Notes terminology in the settings to suit your school, alternative default options include:

  • Pastoral Notes
  • Behaviour Notes
  • Conduct Notes
  • Merit Notes
  • 'Custom'

What fields do I need to fill in for an Orah Note?

You can log Orah Notes into different categories, which will determine which fields you need to fill in, and which are hidden or optional. For example, a 'Merit' note will give you the option to assign points to a student, but a 'Medical' note will not. You can customise these categories to match your school's behaviour management ethos.

Below we're going to show you the main fields you can use when logging an Orah Note.

Logging an Orah Note

Add Students

(*Required Field)

You can search and add Orah Notes for one or more students. This can also be done from the Homeboard view.

Assign Note Category

(*Required Field)

Assign categories and subcategories to a note.

Add Date

(*Required Field)

Select the date when the behavior occurred. This will be auto-populated based on the time you are logging the note, but you can update as needed.

Write Orah Note

(*Required Field)

Use a rich text editor to add detailed notes, which can include formatting like bullets and hyperlinks.

Assign Points

(Optional Field)

Assign positive or negative points to students, which schools can use to incentivise good behavior. Some schools use points

Is Action Required?

(Optional Field)

Record specific actions related to the behavior note.

Any Additional Notes?

(Optional Field)

Add further details or context to the behavior note.


(Optional Field)

Attach any related files, such as text documents or images.


(Optional Field)

Alert students, parents, or staff about the behavior note.

Add Student to Watchlist?

(Optional Field)

Flag students for additional attention and support.

Is the Note Sensitive?

(Optional Field)

Control who can view the behavior notes to maintain privacy.

Save Note

Once you're done, click 'Save' to add the behavior note the student's profile.

Generate Accurate Reports that Reference Your Orah Notes


Trusted by schools like Eton College & Phillips Exeter, Orah operates under some of the most strict data regulations in the world. Any sensitive data entered into Orah is private and protected by law. Learn more about how Orah keeps student data safe and secure.

Generating Reports

One of the coolest features of Orah Notes is its ability to summarise all recorded notes about a students behaviour and create an accurate report for teachers to use in their end-of-term reports, duty reports or otherwise.

Orah Report Writer

The Orah Report Writer references all the Orah Notes logged against a student within a specified time-frame, and generates an accurate report.

You can also filter records by your chosen categories – i.e. if you have recorded 'Academic' notes for a student, and you want to see a summary of their academic progress, you can choose to only reference those notes.

This save teachers HOURS of time each term when writing reports, and allows for a healthier distribution of work throughout the school term.

Editing Reports

All reports are editable in Orah, or you can copy + paste into your desired format for further editing.

If you want to specify what type of report you want Orah Report Writer to generate, you can adjust the prompt to your specifications in the report writer.

Orah Notes is Free to Use for All Schools

What does the signup process look like?

Signing up to Orah's Free Tools

Why is it free?

We have a mission to help schools maximise their student's potential. Part of that commitment is to make school solutions that benefit students all around the world, regardless of socioeconomic status.

We want schools who would otherwise not have access to software like Orah to take advantage of its extensive capabilities – and we want to empower teachers around the world to save their precious time.