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Aamer De

Sales Development Representative at Orah

Hey there! I'm based in Pune, India, and I'm a total sports and fitness fanatic. I've achieved quite a lot in my life, including winning several football and rugby tournaments, completing various treks and hikes, and even earning my certification as a personal trainer. I'm also a self-proclaimed pro at overcoming personal challenges. When it comes to my professional experience, I've got plenty of sales expertise from working in diverse industries such as sports, marketing, and SaaS. Outside of work, I love playing the saxophone and visiting new places. I'm always keen on finding new outdoor adventures and exploring various cultures and cuisines. In addition to my love for sports and fitness, I also find solace in gaming, which serves as a great stress reliever for me. It's another one of my passions and a fun way to unwind whenever I have the chance. Overall, I'm a super motivated and passionate person who's always aiming to improve myself. If you need any fitness tips, don't hesitate to give me a shout!

Podcasts & Events

Aamer De has not hosted an Orah event yet. Head to the Orah events page to see what's on.