Orah vs EI Pulse

EI Pulse was one of the first companies in this space - recognising that a student's voice was vital to truly understand their wellbeing, and ultimately how that impacts their outcomes. EI Pulse has a number of great customers in Australia/New Zealand and officially joined the FamilyZone suite in 2022. In this article, we are going to compare the pros and cons of both Orah and EI Pulse when you are comparing wellbeing tools. The aim is that you would walk away with a better understanding of what both Orah and EI Pulse offer so you can make the best decision for your school.

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A School's Hierarchy of Needs - Orah

The Orah Student Life platform helps schools to deliver a high-standard of care. We believe, like many others do, that the health, well-being & safety of a student must be addressed first in order to enable a student to reach their fullest potential at school.

What's the biggest difference between Orah and EI Pulse?

Improve student life, not just wellbeing

Orah & EI Pulse both provide tools to survey and check-in with students. Beyond this, Orah also offers a host of tools for schools to manage behaviour (Free tool), write school reports (Free tool), manage attendance, communications & more - effectively tying the wellbeing team's hard work to help their students with upticks in attendance, mood, behavior, academic progress and more.

Although surveys and check-ins alone can provide hugely valuable insights, schools recognise that to truly measure and improve and student's wellbeing at school, they must also address attendance, extracurricular involvement, communication with families, behaviour and more.

Orah provides the tools and/or integrations to centralise all of that information and compare data across many facets of a Student's Life.

EI Pulse
Customisable Experience for Students
Set Frequency Preferences
Custom Surveys (Multiple Ways to Collect Data)
Student Wellbeing Check-Ins
Staff Wellbeing Check-Ins
Comment/Create Conversations on Responses
Add Your Own Wellbeing Resources

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3 Reasons to Choose Orah over EI Pulse

Customisable surveys and experiences

Every school is different - Orah allows schools to tailor the software user experience for your students so you can be sure to get the right information at the right time in a relevant way.


One place to manage student life

Orah provides far more than simple surveys and check-ins with students. Although it provides hugely valuable insight, schools recognise that Wellbeing is analysed through a number of datapoints outside of these channels, such as attendance, extracurricular involvement, behavioural data and more. Orah provides the tools and/or integrations to centralise all of that information and compare data across many facets of a Student's Life.


Deep integrations with your SIS (Synergetic, TASS, Veracross etc.)

Sync data from your SIS to Orah including attendance data so you can cross-compare information from the school

Helping schools to maximise student potential
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About Orah

Orah is a cloud-based student life platform that provides schools with the tools to improve student wellbeing, behaviour, attendance and communications. Orah was founded in NZ back in 2014, initially focused on improving student life at boarding schools. Schools understand that well-being isn't reflected by a single student check in, instead there are multiple data points which provide that clarity. The Orah platform allows schools to collect and combine disparate student life information to paint the full picture for a student's progress.

About EI Pulse

EI Pulse has created Fun and easy 60-second weekly check-ins to encourage students to reflect on their mental, social and physical wellbeing by answering evidence-based questions.

What Makes EI Pulse different?

✅ Staff wellbeing check-ins

EI Pulse offers a way for staff to respond to wellbeing surveys so you can get an overview of their wellbeing simultaneously.

✅ Grattitude

Students can run through grattitude exercises on EI Pulse to remind themselves of all the things they do have.

What Makes Orah different?

✅ Customisable experience for different student segments

Wellbeing frameworks often need to change to accommodate different segments of students in a school. Orah gives you the option to change the wording & interface to suit different segments of students within your school, this allows to easily provide a tailored experience for all the different ages and stages of student's at your school.

✅ Set your frequency preferences

Set reminders to prompt students on a schedule of your choice.

✅ Custom surveys - multiple ways to collect data

Sometimes schools want a more in-depth understanding of student wellbeing which can't be thoroughly understood from a 30 second Mood-Check.Therefore you can build custom surveys that are as long or as short as you'd like inside Orah and even measure them against your own wellbeing framework.

✅ Comment/Create conversations around specific responses

Your team, and students can start a conversation after a specific response to a Mood Check which allows for a private exchange to work through any issues at a moment of need.

✅ Ability to upload your own wellbeing resources

Orah allows you to upload your own wellbeing resources and customise well-known resources to suit your particular school. You'll be able to leverage external partners like School.TV and pair the content with information relative to your school's values and culture. This allows a combination of expert advice and personalised feedback for your students.

✅ Goal setting

Students can set areas for improvement so they can track their progress. i.e. 'I want to get more sleep' and centre their efforts around that.

✅ Rewards

Orah uses rewards to encourage students to engage with the software. Students will get '

✅ ISO Certified

Wellbeing information is incredibly sensitive data and can put the school under pressure to ensure it's all stored with the highest level of care and security. Orah is ISO Certified (ISO 27001+ ISO 27018) meaning you can be sure your data is stored to the level that's expected by your local/national requirements and of course by the parents of your students.

✅ Customised follow up settings

Set your own rules to encourage follow up for students who may be having a hard time. For example; your team might decide that if someone responds with 'Feeling Down' 3 x in a term, a specific member of staff can be notified to follow up. But a different rule might state 'if a student marks as 'Frustrated' 4 x in a row' it could trigger a different member of staff to follow up. It's up to you.