Orah vs Skodel

Schools know that a student's wellbeing isn't summarised in a single daily check-in, instead, there are multiple data points that must come together to provide that clarity. In this article, we will attempt to explore the major differences between two major student wellbeing players, Orah & Skodel, to help you make an informed decision when searching for solutions to understand student wellbeing at your school.

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A School's Hierarchy of Needs - Orah

The Orah Student Life platform helps schools to deliver a high-standard of care. We believe, like many others do, that the health, well-being & safety of a student must be addressed first in order to enable a student to reach their fullest potential at school.

What's the biggest difference between Orah and Skodel?

The most obvious difference between Orah & Skodel is that Skodel is exclusively a wellbeing platform, and does not encompass the other aspects of student life. This has led them to move into other markets such as corporate/commercial markets in order to help those teams collect wellbeing information, diverting their focus away from students only. Comparatively, Orah is a student life platform that allows schools to understand the full picture of a student's progression.

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Conversational Surveys
Multiple Data Collection Methods
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3 Reasons to Choose Orah over Skodel

Multiple collection methods

What Skodel offers

Skodel uses, Discovery, their product to collect wellbeing data from end-users which is a detailed check-in that provides valuable data for how they're feeling at the time of the check-in.

What sets Orah apart

Orah has two primary methods for collecting data from students in regards to their wellbeing. Firstly, Moodchecks, which are a 30-second check-in with students and then Conversational Surveys which are surveys distributed through a chatbot with students that can be customised completely by each school.


Customisable content distribution

What Skodel offers

Skodel offers content from experts to help inform schools on what to do in certain situations.

What sets Orah apart

Each school has in-house Wellbeing/Student-Life experts that are versed in Student Care and, therefore Orah provides a support library that allows schools to edit and customise content that is distributed to students and tailored to each school's specific needs. Or schools can create their own content using their expertise and resources which is suggested to students based on their responses to surveys/mood-checks.


Complete Student Life platform

What Skodel offers

Skodel offers a wellbeing solution focused on collecting, strategising, reporting and supporting for schools and commercial organisations.

What sets Orah apart

Orah offers a range of tools and deep integrations with key school systems to generate a holistic picture of a student's overall progress and student life. You can collect, customise, report and provide resources to aid with support for students based on key data with the option to combine survey results, attendance trends and staff entered notes on students.

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About Orah

Orah is a cloud-based Student Life platform that provides schools with the tools to understand student wellbeing. Orah's tools streamline and automate tedious administrative tasks and provide insights into areas previously achieved through pen, paper non-specialised products. All within an easy to use platform that your whole school can use.

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About Skodel

Is a modern wellbeing platform that helps schools and businesses collect and act on wellbeing data. Skodel has partnered with experts to provide support and guidance to organisations needing expertise in that area.

What else sets Orah and Skodel apart?

Designed specifically for international and independent schools

What Skodel offers

Skodel caters to all schools, commercial organisations, and other groups bringing expertise from inside and outside of the education market.

What sets Orah apart

Orah is focused specifically on international and independent schools globally, providing specialised tools for the unique needs of those two segments. The needs the this group are unique in the sense that education and student outcomes are the primary goal and they operate privately, requiring the same needs as a business but with a specific focus on student/family experience.

Feature Comparison

Skodel's differentiated features

Action Steps

Skodel provides a list of action steps suggested to a student after a check-in has been completed. This allows students to implement practical methods to overcome or enjoy certain emotions.

QR Codes

Skodel allows schools to use QR codes as prompts to start a check-in.

Orah's differentiated features

Measure wellbeing through the school's preferred framework i.e. Perma-V or FLOURISHING

Every school is different. Using our survey builder, Orah allows you to measure your school's wellbeing in relation to your school's own framework.

Compare wellbeing with attendance/student involvement

Wellbeing can not be assessed based on just survey results. Use orah to pull in vital attendance data from your SIS(i.e. Kamar, Synergetic, iSAMS, Blackbaud or Veracross) or Orah's own attendance product, Supervise. With the combination of data you can begin to learn what trends are common for both wellbeing and attendance, and how they may correlate.

Upload your own content/resources for students

Many of our clients subscribe to external wellbeing content providers OR they have the internal expertise to provide specialised advice/resources that's most relevant to the school's culture. Therefore Orah has created the support library for you to upload your own content and resources that is distributed to students based on their responses to surveys or Moodchecks.

ISO 27001 + ISO 270018 certification

Orah ensures that you are covered from a compliance standpoint so you can relax. Storing wellbeing information in the cloud can be risky business, but with Orah's certifications you can be sure that your school's information is protected.

Customised rules for incident response

Your school's wellbeing team can design your own response procedures based on rules set within Orah. You can set conditions around different emotions,

Write and categorise your own notes on students

Orah allows you to write your own notes on students which can be related to mental health, behaviour, conduct or anything else you deem as important.

Attendance, location or event-based Moodcheck prompts

As your student's location is updated, attendance is marked or an interaction is logged in Orah - the system can send a prompt to a student to fill in a Mood Check, providing them with the channel to share their own feedback in situations that could easily go unnoticed.