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Orah Passes allow schools to triage all absences and leave requests in one place. At a high level, it works by giving parents & guardians a quick-and-easy way to request leave for their child, and allows the school to manage these requests in one place.
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How do other schools use Orah Passes?

Orah Passes are designed to help schools manage student leave and permissions in a more streamlined and efficient manner.

Common uses for Orah Passes include:

Leave Requests

Facilitating the process for students to request leave, whether for part of a day or longer periods.

Parental Approval

Enabling parents to grant permissions for their children’s leave requests digitally, ensuring a faster and recorded approval process.

Leave Tracking

Keeping a log of all student leave, which can be audited and reviewed for safety and administrative purposes.

Emergency Information Access

Providing immediate access to students’ leave records and emergency contacts if needed.

Compliance with Policies

Ensuring that all leave taken by students complies with the school’s policies and regulations.

School Absences / Excuse Management

Orah Passes allows Absence Managers to collect, manage and share the status of absences in one place.

Orah Passes for Managing Absences

Orah Passes offers a streamlined absences management process for schools, ensuring that all critical steps are completed efficiently and information is centrally accessible.

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The process of reporting a child absent for the day typically involves the following steps in schools that use Orah Passes:

1. Notification

A parent or guardian securely notifies the school of the child’s absence via a single "magic" link on the school's website. Schools who use the paid version of Orah Passes can also opt to allow parents to request student leave via the Orah for Families app.

2. Recording

The absence is recorded in the school’s attendance system, with details such as the date, reason for absence, and expected duration.

3. Verification

The school may verify the absence by acknowledging the parent's notification and, if necessary, requesting additional information.

4. Communication

The school communicates the absence to relevant staff, such as the child’s teachers and administrative personnel.

5. Monitoring

The school monitors the absence, especially if it extends beyond one day, to ensure it aligns with the school’s attendance policy and to identify if any support is needed for the student or family.

6. Documentation

The absence is documented for reporting purposes and is included in the student’s record for future reference.

Other uses for Orah Passes

Schools can also use Orah Passes for the following purposes:

Attendance Tracking

Orah Passes is a part of the overall Orah Attendance Management system, Schools use passes to record when students leave and enter the classroom during school hours. Orah Passes interact with Orah Roll-Checks & Orah Location Check-Ins to give a live view of student locations on and off campus.

Late Arrivals

To explain and record the tardiness of a student to class.

Library Access

To give permission to students to visit the library during class hours for research or study.

Medical Visits

To authorize a student's visit to the nurse, doctor or health office.

Safety Measures

To account for students' whereabouts during emergencies or drills. See Orah Emergency Response.

Special Permissions

For leaving school grounds for school-sanctioned activities or appointments. See Orah Activity Passes.

Custom Pass terminology

When using the Orah Passes feature, you may find that the word 'Pass' doesn't resonate with your school. You can edit this term within the Pass Setting page.

You can change this term to Excuses, Leaves, or Absences and the new term will be displayed within your School's Orah account instead of 'Pass'.

Public Request Link

Parents or guardians no longer need to create an Orah account to request an excuse or pass. You can share this public URL with parents and they will simply enter their email to verify it's them and complete the form they would like to request. No more emails, google forms or voice messages from parents to excuse students.

This article covers how to set up the public request link in more detail: https://success.orah.com/en/articles/8286384-generating-public-request-link-for-leaves-passes

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Orah Passes is a part of Orah's attendance management system, Orah Supervise. Orah Supervise allows schools to know where their students are in real time with a combination of passes, roll checks and automated 'check-in' locations around your school. It is designed to work with your student infromation system, boasting two way syncs with most of the world's major systems.

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