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Mental health and wellbeing is critically important to your students’ ability to learn and grow. Nurture enables you to track and analyse your student behaviour so you can nurture their development and make informed action plans to help them reach their full potential.

Holistic overview of student behaviour

Plan and streamline your activity sign-up process to automatically capture and record all the necessary paperwork so you can focus on creating great experiences.

Turn data into insights

Generate insights from your data to identify patterns, signals and anomalies with your students behaviour

Take action

Use insights and watchlists to inform action plans for early intervention and provide proactive support to address issues before they turn into more serious problems

Combine multiple data sources

Combine pastoral notes from staff observations with data collected directly form students via forms or surveys to get a complete understanding of their mental health and wellbeing

Customise categories to match your schools development framework

Whatever framework you use to manage student development and wellbeing, custom categories allow you to organise your data in a way that works best for your school.

Generate insights that lead to action

Analyse trends, patterns and point summaries to turn data into insights that lead to action. Our reports enable you to compare student behavioural patterns at a high level or drill down into individual student activity so you can provide outstanding student-centered support.

Stay informed and up-to-date

With watchlists, alerts and sensitive information types, your team can effectively monitor specific students and place them under careful observation. With everyone informed and on the same page, staff are prepared and ready to intervene when necessary to prevent a crisis from occurring.

“When we were able to track some patterns through the use of rolls, pastoral notes and insights with [Orah], we’ve been really able to identify patterns, intervene and put a plan in place to stop the students from getting to a crisis point which we have seen prior”
Kirsty Walsh
Ballarat Clarendon College

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student accountability

Orah Supervise

Effortlessly coordinate, track and manage student movements, on and off school grounds.

co-curricular management

Orah Coordinate

Tools to plan, organise and manage extracurricular activities and events.

crisis response

Orah Safeguard

Mitigate risk and enhance campus safety with emergency response and risk planning.

pastoral and wellbeing

Orah Nurture


Identify behavioural patterns and develop action plans to impact your students wellbeing & development.

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