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Welcome to Orah Unleashed, our video podcast channel where we explore how schools and families can maximise student potential. Watch interviews with industry experts, school leaders and much more!

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Gary Henderson - Millfield School

Gary's sitting down with Paul Organ to discuss the ever-expanding tech stack within schools and how we can wrangle the chaos.

Live Webinar
November 30, 2022

Andrea Downie - Is wellbeing about chasing pleasure, or more about the hard stuff? A conversation about Hedonic vs. Eudaimonic wellbeing

In a world where pleasure, dopamine hits and instant gratification rule the roost how do we ever change the narrative?

Live Webinar
November 8, 2022

Michael Carr-Gregg - Is that a psychologist in your pocket?

Michael Carr-Gregg sits down with us to discuss how we can use technology positively to navigate and improve our mental health.

Live Webinar
October 14, 2022

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