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3 Reasons Why School Administration Is Important For Student Education

Vincent Paget

June 4, 2019

A successful school is about much more than teaching. While good teaching and learning are crucial, the administration that underpins it is key to providing a well-rounded education that encompasses the whole child. Effective administration and operations support an education that goes well beyond imparting knowledge.School operations teams ensure that students' daily needs are met; that they receive healthy and nutritious meals, sleep and learn in a safe environment, and receive appropriate medical care and mental health support. Beyond the day-to-day, the administrative team are often the ones responsible for recording, checking and analysing student data, so the can to enable those responsible for both learning and wellbeing to tailor their approach to the needs of the student.Here are 3 reasons why effective school administration is so important for student education.

1. Allows Teachers To Focus On Teaching

Presentation of data allows schools to open communication channels with parents.

Having robust systems, policies and procedures in place ensures that teaching and learning flows as smoothly as possible. Crucial information such as assessment results, pastoral data and lesson observations informs tailored teaching strategies to help children achieve as highly as possible.Administrators ensure data is entered in a timely manner, presented to teachers in an easy-to-use fashion and combine different datasets into one effective plan. This allows teachers to focus on their lessons and prioritise student achievement, instead of getting tied up with the administrative load required to access such important information.The collection and appropriate presentation of data allows schools to open communication channels with parents, giving them an understanding of their child's academic progress so that they can engage in useful conversations with teachers to support their child's progress. Similarly, presenting academic data appropriately to students helps them to be a part of their learning strategy and goal setting, supported by the experience of their teachers.

Student goal setting and academic achievement is supported by an effective school administration.
Effective school administration supports student goal setting and academic achievement.

2. Administration Promotes Accountability

Parents select a boarding school because they believe it will provide their child with the best possible education and start to their future careers. From a marketing perspective, parents are as important to school principals as the students. Parent are the ones who will continue to choose the school for younger siblings, or make recommendations to their friends.For this reason, it's important that principals ensure they have well-documented processes, procedures and record keeping. Detailed school records provide parents with peace of mind that their child's academic and personal development is being looked after, as well as their general safety and daily wellbeing.School administrators play a key role in managing communications with parents via setting up and managing reporting procedures. They also ensure that parents have easy access to their child's information.

3. Administration Informs Decisions

Good data supports the vision and decision-making of the school leadership team. An effective administration department is able to extract and analyse key data to inform a school's strategic decisions around education provision.

School leadership vision setting and strategy is supported by data analysis.
Data analysis supports school leadership vision setting and strategy.

School leaders cannot remain static but must adapt and change their vision and processes as the world of education embraces new challenges and fresh technologies. Effective data analysis shows the leadership team where the school's strengths and weaknesses currently lie, enabling them to understand the knowledge and skills they need to focus on embedding, and at what stage of a pupil's education.An effective administration team must be supported by powerful software that understands how boarding schools function. Revolutionise your school administration with Boardingware. Our cloud-based technology supports data entry and analysis from any location, when your team need it most. Our easy-to-use interface takes the hassle out of student attendance and accountability, letting your team focus on how they can best support your students.Contact us today to get a free demo or visit our website to learn more about what we can provide.

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Vincent Paget

Vincent Paget is an Operations Manager at Orah based in Auckland, New Zealand. He loves technology, organisation, nature and adventure sports, not necessarily in that order.

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