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4 Benefits Of Digitising School Management

Vincent Paget

July 30, 2019

There's no reason to rely on paper trails and filed notes. Software such as Boardingware allows your staff to quickly record all pupil data in an easy-to-access system. It gives you the power to properly analyse student attendance and wellbeing, providing the best level of care to all your students.Here are four ways your school management can benefit from digitisation.

1. Creates a single source of truth

Manual systems create data silos. Few people have access, information is saved in different spreadsheets or mark books and there is no way of connecting it all without a substantial time investment. For student care and school management, this means decisions are being made with only half the data available. Nobody is fully informed and there isn't anyone who can make a decision without the input of multiple other people - which is ineffective and causes delay.Digitising school management brings everything together in one place, giving you a single source of truth for your students' activity. There is one access point that everyone with appropriate permission can view, to get the bigger picture around an issue or particular pupil. Having access to all information means the best decisions can be made, in line with school policy or experience with that pupil.

Manual school filing system creating a data silo, where software could improve access.
Manual systems create data silos. Make your critical school data easy-to-access by digitising it.

2. Access data in real-time

A digital system not only provides access to all relevant data, but provides up-to-the-minute information. Paper notes become out of date almost as soon as they're written, and it takes too long to gather records from different departments and offices. Digitising your school management brings data together, and allows staff to access it as soon as they need it.Attendance at lessons and after-school programs, for example, are uploaded instantly. Any change in a pupil's health, wellbeing or home life can be made available to everyone and used to ensure the best care is given. It's also clear how long ago an activity or event took place, so boarding staff can develop a timeline and understand trends.Staff can access this data wherever they are and on whatever device they have. Student issues can happen at any time, and you can't provide the most effective care if you have to run across campus to collect relevant notes.

3. Analyse and improve your duty of care

Digitising makes it possible to analyse all the data you collect, to make informed decisions and properly fulfil your duty of care. With the help of technology, data can be manipulated much more quickly than manual information. You can group and organise data as required, and output it into a graph or list format to continue identifying patterns or comparing information.Proper software makes it easy to compare different types of data too - for example the academic data of those pupils on your watchlist.It also helps your administrative and leadership team fulfil regulatory obligations easily, presenting data quickly when called for. Your administrative team can create lists of those pupils on leave or on-site with just a few clicks, allowing you to exceed your duty of care at all times.

Analysing school achievement data to fulfil duty of care.
Digitise your school management to help your staff properly analyse student wellbeing and achievement, fulfilling their duty of care.

4. Know your data is safe and secure while reducing costs

We've all mislaid a piece of paper, or misfiled it somehow. It's much harder to do this digitally, and mis-saved records can usually be found with a quick search. Cloud-based technology means all your pupil information is accessible in an emergency, whether or not it's safe or practical to enter the building.With regular back-ups, your records are safe in case of fire or flooding, while in the event of a security issue on site, it's protected by password access.Digitisation also reduces paper and printing costs, while saving time for staff who no longer have to file, type notes or re-organise data for further analysis.Boardingware provides a cloud-based solution. Store your crucial data in one place, with access defined by you. Our security protocols exceed the industry standard, we back-up regularly and our systems are regularly reviewed by expert consultants.Get in touch with our team, or watch our free demo today.

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Vincent Paget

Vincent Paget is an Operations Manager at Orah based in Auckland, New Zealand. He loves technology, organisation, nature and adventure sports, not necessarily in that order.

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