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How a single source of truth supports better decision making

Vincent Paget

April 9, 2019

We live in a world of data, and boarding houses are no exception. Information is constantly available but is only useful when it's properly managed. Scattered, out-of-date or inconsistent data only causes chaos and confusion.A single source of truth is the holy grail for boarding schools. It provides house staff with the foundation they need to provide smart, effective care and security for all their students.Without a centralised system, colleagues are unable to access key information, that enables them to provide exceptional care and student safety. They may miss an opportunity to identify problems or concerns or be unable to react appropriately when emergency situations arise.Here is 4 reasons why having a "Single Source of Truth" is so important.

A single source of truth enables staff to provide smarter boarding house care.
Staff working from a single source of truth can collaborate to provide smarter and more effective care.

Unify Boarding Staff

In a boarding school, your team must work together to ensure students are properly cared for around the clock. However, with staff on duty at different times of day and supervising separate groups of students, face-to-face catch ups may prove difficult to schedule.A centralised database provides a resource staff can access at any time of day and from wherever they are working at the time. They can share information easily, update it as required and know that they're working from the latest information available - eliminating the confusion associated with multiple documents.Bringing all pupil data together in one place also minimises the time your staff spend searching and verifying information, meaning more time can be devoted to student development. There is no need for colleagues to spend time searching through files, or waiting for an email response when working from a single source of truth.

Give Parents Peace Of Mind

When parents know that boarding staff are working from a single source of truth, they understand that their children are in safe hands. With a parent app that links into one key system, parents can see for themselves that their children are properly accounted for and that their pastoral needs are shared amongst relevant staff. They know that every activity is logged, and that staff are collaborating to provide the best possible care for their children.A single source of truth also provides staff with one point of reference when they're communicating with parents, ensuring their conversations are meaningful and well-informed.

Powerful Insights And Reporting

Using data in schools enables staff to understand how their pupils are doing, and what may be affecting their well-being. With key data stored in one single source of truth, schools can generate accurate insights and make smarter decisions.Reports and graphs generated from a central source of data incorporate multiple indicators into one analysis, so that staff can compare trends over time and identify patterns. Staff can use this type of resource to understand how students are affected by different events in their personal life, or spot anomalies in their behaviour to keep a closer eye on.

Boarding staff using insights and reports can make smarter student care decisions.
With a single source of truth, your staff get powerful insights and reports that allow them to make smarter decisions with student care.

Ability To Respond In An Emergency

A single source of truth provides a real-time overview of where all your students are located, enabling your team to strengthen their emergency response. Whether your pupils are in lessons, at clubs or even off campus, storing this data in one central system means staff can account for their whereabouts quickly and accurately.Live registers that reflect real-time information mean your staff can see updates as they happen, and work together, from one source, to identify pupils that remain unaccounted for. Collating registers and sign-out sheets from multiple sources delay staff and puts students in unnecessary danger.Should any pupil remain unaccounted for, a single of truth means their emergency contact details are available immediately and their relatives can be contacted as quickly as possible.

A Single Source of Truth To Keep Students Safe

Boardingware enables your boarding house team to record all their data in one single source of truth. Registers, extra-curricular activities, leave requests and emergency contact information is accessible in one place, by all staff. Our easy-to-use staff app means your team can access student data from anywhere on campus, and can import student data from other key information sources.For more information about how Boardingware can bring your team together and revolutionise your student care, watch our free demo video or reach out to our advisors today.

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Vincent Paget

Vincent Paget is an Operations Manager at Orah based in Auckland, New Zealand. He loves technology, organisation, nature and adventure sports, not necessarily in that order.

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