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How Technology is Changing Boarding School Management

Vincent Paget

June 18, 2019

The boarding schools we know today, are very different from those of the past. There are plenty of nineteenth-century tales of overbearing and terrifying housemasters, cold and uncomfortable dorm rooms, and unappealing meals. Boarding school history leaves much to be desired.However, with advances in technology and a change in attitude throughout the twentieth century, modern boarding schools provide students with autonomy and independence in a safe and supportive home-away-from-home. Today, boarding houses provide so much more than simply room and board - they help students develop both academically and personally.

How today's boarding schools are managed

These days, boarding houses are a friendly environment where students of all ages mix and form friendships that can last well beyond school days. Many students happily share rooms with friends, while older students act as mentors to those younger than them.Boarding staff ensure there are plenty of evening and weekend events and activities to keep students entertained, as well as relax and unwind.Today's boarding staff take student welfare seriously, and actively work to keep to track of each student's wellbeing and provide individual care.

Safe pupils enjoying an outdoor activity.
With technology, boarding school's can manage pupil wellbeing while keeping them safe.

Why technology is key to supporting student independence and wellbeing

Boarding house technology gives students freedom and independence while allowing staff to keep track of their activities and ensure they remain safe. With all student data maintained in one place, staff can see at a glance which students are on or off-site at any given time, as well as who is due to leave or return.Simple apps connect boarding staff with parents and students, allowing leave requests to be easily submitted and viewed by all parties, and go through a tailored and secure approval process. Schools collect details that are important to their safety management and ensure guidelines about leave are seen by all parties.When it comes to managing student leave en masse, staff don't need to be tied to a computer or paper register to sign students in and out. With modern software, staff can use any device to manage student leave from a designated spot on campus, and records are updated immediately. To promote independence, high school students can be given the option to sign themselves out via their own device or dedicated kiosks, saving time for staff.With the right technology, daily registers are taken from any location, and multiple staff can attend to the same register where necessary. Modern solutions understand that schools offer much more than timetabled lessons too, with the ability to record attendance at after-school programs, so that students can be accounted for in case of an emergency.

Teacher using technology to track and analyse pupil wellbeing.
The power of technology helps staff to track and analyse pupil wellbeing and provide the individual care they need.

As well as keep track of where students are, staff can also record pastoral notes and use them to monitor pupil wellbeing. From medical conditions to personal events, staff can record everything in one place and ensure those with permission are aware of any changes as soon as they happen - well before a handwritten note would reach them.When all data is stored in one system, it enables comprehensive and effective tracking and analysis. Student wellbeing and academic data can be compared side-by-side in a variety of formats, trends or unusual behaviour can be identified quickly, and information can be exported to drill down further.When they're not tied down with old-fashioned, paper-driven processes, boarding staff can devote more time to the jobs that really matter. Being able to use data in this away allows boarding staff to keep track of the bigger picture in their boarding house, while still giving individual care to each student.Boardingware supports the smooth running of your boarding house, with comprehensive and customisable leave management and pastoral tracking, to help your staff provide the best possible care to all of your students. Watch our free demo video, or get in touch to talk to one of our experts.

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Vincent Paget

Vincent Paget is an Operations Manager at Orah based in Auckland, New Zealand. He loves technology, organisation, nature and adventure sports, not necessarily in that order.

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