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Introducing Pastoral Points - A Data Driven Approach to Student Wellbeing and Development

Vincent Paget

August 17, 2020

Student development and wellbeing is critically important to their ability to learn and grow.Schools that have a good understanding of their students wellbeing are able to address emotional issues before they become a larger problem, and also proactively nurture and provide highly personalised care to support student development and learning.This level of understanding is only made possible through the power of data. When staff are able to record and share pastoral notes about student behaviour and wellbeing, the centralised knowledge helps to provide a more holistic overview and equip staff with the insight they need to act accordingly. But assessing all this data can sometimes feel overwhelming...That’s why we built “Pastoral Points” - A way for you to assign points to your pastoral records so you can generate better reports and insights that support your student wellbeing and development practices.

How does it work?

In Boardingware, you can now assign a point value to each of your pastoral categories. Each category has a default value that is either fixed or able to be adjusted by staff users when logging a pastoral record.

Set default point values for each pastoral category

Every time a pastoral record is logged, the corresponding point value will be attributed to the students profile. These points are updated automatically and can be analysed in a “Pastoral Summary” report that is accessed directly from the students profile.The pastoral summary report consists of 3 elements:

  1. Table that summarises the total number of pastoral records and points for each category.
  2. Pie chart that visualises the proportion of pastoral categories
  3. Detailed list of all the pastoral records included in the report.
Access the Pastoral Summary Report directly from the student profile

From here, you can also drill down into your data by filtering into specific categories, date ranges or by exporting data to analyse in another tool such as excel.

Data Driven Student Development

Essentially, pastoral points allow you to take a more data driven approach with student development, and when combined with custom pastoral categories, opens up new possibilities to track, assess and support student wellbeing.Whatever framework you employ, the pastoral summary report can help...

  • Prompt conversations with students to address certain issues or concerns
  • Manage processes for fairly giving out rewards and punishments
  • Identify patterns and taking action with early intervention practices
  • Have a more objective way to communicate with parents about their children’s development
  • And much more...

Pastoral points are included in the free tier of our new product called “Nurture” and is available now for all Boardingware customers. Just head over to the admin settings to get started. Free Tier of the Nurture ProductIf you’re not a Boardingware customer and would like to learn more about how data can enhance your student wellbeing and development practices, click here to setup a call with our friendly consultants. We’d love to share our insight and be a resource for you.Published with StoryChief

Product Update

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Vincent Paget

Vincent Paget is an Operations Manager at Orah based in Auckland, New Zealand. He loves technology, organisation, nature and adventure sports, not necessarily in that order.

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