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Introducing The 2018 State of Student Accountability Report

Vincent Paget

October 3, 2018

Just like tracking packages ordered from Amazon, parents and schools alike, need to know that their children are safe when they’re moving in-and-around campus. And that's why student accountability should be a top priority for schools in 2018.The concept of student accountability involves managing and overseeing the flow of students throughout the day. It involves tracking attendance, signing students in and out from different locations, getting permissions for off-campus activities, monitoring pastoral and behavioural patterns and much more.When done effectively, schools can significantly enhance their security capabilities and demonstrate their duty of care, giving families a strong sense of security that their children are in safe hands.Our new 2018 State of Student Accountability Report, is based on survey responses from hundred's of school professionals around the world. It includes powerful new data about how they approach student accountability, the results of their efforts, as well as their challenges, opportunities and views on the future of school safety.Download the report here:2018 State of Student Accountability Report

Student Accountability is a top priority

The majority of the school professionals surveyed (89.52%) agree that student accountability should be a top priority for schools today.

The results of the survey have been analysed and presented in this report to provide you with valuable insights into the way other schools are approaching student accountability. This report covers:

  1. Strategy and process. How are schools keeping track of their students? What tools are they using? What kind of activities are they keeping track of?
  2. Administrative efficiency. How efficient do schools consider their administrative processes to be? What effect does ease-of-use have on the quality of student records?
  3. Data quality and integrity. How confident are schools in the quality of their attendance and accountability records?
  4. Emergency Preparedness. How effective do schools think they are at using data to prepare for emergencies?
  5. Challenges. What are the biggest challenges schools face with their student accountability efforts?
  6. Views on the future. Where do schools think the future of student safety and accountability are heading?

Additionally, the report includes deep dives to answer questions like:

  • What tools and strategies provide schools with the best results?
  • Are schools with simple and efficient processes more likely to have better quality data?
  • How does data quality affect how you rate your emergency preparation?
  • What characteristics do high performers share?

Get Your Free Copy

Download the report today to find out how your approach to student accountability measures up.

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Vincent Paget

Vincent Paget is an Operations Manager at Orah based in Auckland, New Zealand. He loves technology, organisation, nature and adventure sports, not necessarily in that order.

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