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Introducing The New And Improved Leave Requests

Kurt Meyer

July 21, 2015

Over the last couple months, we’ve improved one of our most core features - Leave Requests.

Leave requests are being used by 95% of our daily customers and we’re always getting really good feedback on how to make it even better.  So it was an absolute no-brainer when we decided to take it to the next level.

Leave Request Improvements

1. Resubmit Leave Request

We found that our old system was too rigid for the real life situations in a boarding school, so we knew we had to make it better.  As part of making it more flexible we have added in a third option called Resubmit.  This allows you to ask the person who applied for leave to resubmit and add in any additional information you need.  Once they have resubmitted you can then continue to approve their request without halting the whole process.

2. History and Notes


One of the major improvements we’ve added to this update is a notes and history timeline section within each leave request.  This means you can quickly see all the actions that have been taken for each step of the request process.

It’s also possible to send a message to parents and students when you are approving, declining or requesting more information.  This allows you to create a conversation between your parents and students during the application process giving it a more personal touch.

3. Statuses


With our new and improved statuses you can see what the last action was, when it happened and what the next step is.  Allowing you to hone in on the requests that require you to take action.

4. New iPad Interface


We thought the leave request page on the iPad was due for a facelift so we gave it a complete overhaul.  We designed the new layout so all the information you care about is the focus of attention.  Also splitting the page between a list of your pending requests and the leave details allow you to do everything from one page.  Now you can quickly get a gauge for each unique situation and make the best decision.

5. IP Addresses

As an extra layer of security we now display the ip address of where the leave request has been applied and approved from.  So if you see the same address for the applicant and approver this should start raising alarm bells!And that’s just a quick summary of our new leave request feature.  There's more to be discovered so make sure you check it out.  Our next few months are packed with more exciting features and the team here at Boardingware would love to hear what you think we should work on next.[marketo-fat form="1107"]

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Kurt Meyer

Kurt is one of the Co-founders of Orah, currently based in Japan. He manages the product team to deliver the best possible experience to our users.

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