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Meet Workflow Builder: The simple way to streamline school processes

Vincent Paget

November 5, 2019

In every school, there is a wide range of people that collaborate and work together behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly. This often requires coordinating administrative processes and making sure the right people have the right information at the right time. However, steps in the process like making requests, getting approvals, providing updates and completing specific actions are hardly instantaneous. More often than not, they halt progress altogether.Frankly, it can be tough trying to coordinate multiple people and consistently manage all your processes to a high standard.That's why we released the Workflow Builder. So you can remove those productivity roadblocks and seamlessly work together to deliver a safe, orderly and nurturing environment for your students.

What is the workflow builder?

The Workflow Builder is a brand new tool that allows you to automate and streamline routine processes, saving you time and ensuring better consistency with your school administration. In just a few minutes, you could have a seamless way to:

  • Standardise how you process incidents like Bullying or Depression reports
  • Onboard new boarding and duty staff members
  • Manage risk assessment processes for excursions or EOTC activities
  • and so much more...

You can design and build your own workflow templates to make sure everyone follows the right steps, collects the right information and involves the right people at the right time.A workflow is made up of a series of steps.  Steps can include either filling out a form, requesting approval or alerting selected staff members.Forms are completely customisable and offer a variety of different types of fields so you can collect all the information you may need for your specific workflow.

Approval steps allow you to ensure authorised staff members are required to review and give approval at any stage throughout the process.

Custom email and push notifications allow to you involve other people only when they need to be. When a workflow is activated, the appropriate staff members will be assigned to each step and alerts/reminders will be sent to them when it’s their turn to complete their task. This means that no time is wasted constantly follow up with people to do their part.

At a glance, you can see which workflows are in progress, what stage they’re at, as well as who is responsible for completing the current step to move it forward.

You can even discuss issues or ask questions with related comments. All your communication and activity regarding the process is recorded in one place, so you know exactly what is happening and can resolve issues faster.

Once a workflow is complete, this information will be stored in one place and will be easily searchable giving you instant access to all the information relating to completed workflows.Ultimately, the Workflow Builder gives you the opportunity to save time, ensure best practices are followed consistently, and work better as a team to deliver the best experience for your school community.

Let's take a look at some example workflows

Extracurricular Workflows

Planning an excursion

Before taking students on an excursion or an off campus activity.  It’s important to ensure that the risks have been taken into account and key stakeholders have reviewed and approved the event before it takes place.  This ensures that the trip goes smoothly and that students are kept safe at all times.

Pastoral Workflows

Bullying Incident

When bullying occurs, it’s important that staff members respond swiftly, the details of the event have been recorded, the appropriate staff members are alerted, and corrective actions are established to prevent further occurrences.  A consistent procedure will ensure that all these actions are completed and each incident is treated fairly.Depression Report

When taking care of children and teenagers, it’s important to monitor signs of depression and ameliorate any cases that are identified.  Having a defined process will make it easier for the responsible staff members to ensure they are doing everything they can and ensure they effectively communicate with other stake holders.

Medical Workflows

Student injury report

It’s a serious event when a student is injured while under the care of your school.  Having a workflow in place means that any staff member can alert the right people, record the right information and respond to the student’s needs immediately.Medical centre booking

If a student is sick or injured, it can be difficult to coordinate with the medical centre to get them admitted for treatment and recovery.  With a workflow you can alert the school nurse to examine and treat the student.

Facility Management Workflows

Equipment booking process

Workflows can make it easy for staff to book equipment they need while ensuring everything is recorded and the proper approvals have been issued.Space booking process

A workflow can make it easy to book spaces that teachers or other school staff need.Building maintenance checks

Maintenance reports are important to make sure buildings are maintained regularly.  A workflow can help support regular maintenance checks and reports.

Human Resources Workflows

Student induction

Students will always remember their first impression when they join your school so it's always a good idea to ensure they are inducted smoothly and feel like they belong to your community.  This is also a good chance to make sure student are aware of all the health and safety procedures.Staff onboarding

Getting staff properly onboarded is critical to ensuring your school maintains its standards and enables new staff to start contributing as soon as possible.Staff leave requests

If staff member needs to take sick or vacation leave, the approval process can be streamlined with a workflow.

Safety Workflows

Health and safety internal audits

Regular audits help to ensure that schools are able to meet health and safety requirements.  The Health & Safety officer can use a workflow template to ensure items are checked regularly.Natural disaster preparation

Being prepared for natural disasters is the best way to mitigate injuries to students and unnecessary chaos.  The health and safety officer should have regular checks in place to make sure the school is ready for the unexpected.

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Vincent Paget

I'm a kiwi living in London and who has been part of Orah since 2015. Working in operations, my passion lies in finding efficiencies and scalabilities in all areas of the business. Beyond the office, I'm all about outdoor adventures like football and fishing, along with music, travel, and quality time with friends and family, especially my dog.

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