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Empowering Education: Unveiling the Orah Browser Extension Duo for Class Attendance and Teacher's Notes

Paul Organ

February 5, 2024

Unveiling Orah's new Browser Extensions for Chrome

Anyone who knows a teacher has probably heard the gripes about clunky software and admin tasks. Teachers take notes about the merits, behavior and demerits of their students in preparation for writing reports, and are expected to take attendance for each class. But the tools they get handed are just unnecessarily complicated–or nonexistent–and these tasks end up taking far too long to complete.

It ends up eating into their time that could be better spent connecting with students.

The struggle is real, and sometimes tasks just slip through the cracks or get pushed to the 'I'll do it later' list. The result? Messy, inaccurate data that makes it tough to get any meaningful insights at the leadership level.

Recognizing these problems, Orah is proud to introduce two new Browser Extensions, offering a revolutionary shift from tedious workflows to modern, seamless solutions without having to leave your browser tab.

The Orah Chrome Extensions

Unveiling Orah's new Browser Extensions for Chrome. These browser extensions are built to save school staff time by making it even easier to mark a roll or log notes about their students.

In this brief article, we'll explain how each extension works and how you can start using it.

Take Class Attendance with the Orah Roll Checks Browser Extension

Take attendance without changing tabs.

Educators can now mark attendance from a browser extension instead of a clunky SIS, spreadsheet or... pen and paper *argh!*.

Once the extension is installed, staff can open Orah Roll Checks in a side panel to mark attendance without having to leave their current browser tab!

Download the Orah Roll Checks Chrome Extension

Manage Student Conduct & Behavior with the Orah Notes Browser Extension

Enter a new era of conduct tracking with Orah Notes. Teachers can now make quick, insightful notes on student behavior, conduct, merits or demerits – moving away from clunky inefficient methods to a modern and accessible solution. This feature ensures comprehensive records for the teacher, fostering effective communication with students, parents, and administrators.

With the Orah Notes Chrome Extension, you can log and categorize teacher's notes on the go, as well as allocate house points, mark notes as sensitive or add a student to a 'watchlist' to escalate and securely share with your team.

Orah uses these notes to generate instant accurate student progress reports as often as you need them.

With the Orah Notes Chrome Extension, all you need to do, is take the note, categorize it and hit save. It’s so easy…

Taking a note in the Orah Nots Chrome Extension

You can even add the incident to a watchlist so you and your team are aware of the incident.

See how Orah Notes works:

You don't have to lose an hour each week taking attendance

Here's 3 ways to significantly cut down on the time it takes to mark the roll.

  1. Use the Orah Roll Checks Browser Extension
  2. Use the Orah mobile app (on Apple Store or Google Play Store)
  3. Use the Orah web app

Plus – we promise you will make your attendance officer will be very happy.

How can you get started?

If you’re already at an Orah school

There is a link to the installation page on the “My Schedule” view within the Orah web app.

Or, you can simply search 'Orah Roll Checks' or ‘Orah Nurture’ on the Chrome Store on your laptop.

Orah Notes & Roll Checks are also available on mobile within the Orah Staff App on the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Install the Orah extensions in just a few clicks

If you’re not an Orah school

You can get started with Nurture Notes for free by hitting ‘Get Started’ at this link. 

Orah Roll Checks feature is part of Orah's Attendance Management system, get a demo with an Orah team member to see if it is the right solution for your school.

See how Orah works for Attendance
Product Update

Our gift to you: a free behavior management tool, plus an incredibly useful newsletter

Join thousands of school leaders learning to improve student life. Subscribers receive free access to our behavior management tool, Orah Notes. When you subscribe, you will receive an email with instructions on how to get it set up, as well as an introductory version of the Orah-cle, our monthly newsletter.

Paul Organ

I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I enjoy exercise, sauna's and cold plunges, video games and design. Prior to Orah (10 years ago now!) I was a University Student studying my Masters of Architecture. There are two important things that keep me enthused at work - Using creativity to solve complex problems and working with good people.

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