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Adapting Boardingware to the Covid-Safe Charter

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Hosted by

Vincent Paget
Revenue Operations Manager
Kurt Meyer
Co-Founder and Co-CEO
Jessica Steinberg
Customer Success Manager


June 17, 2020 12:00 PM

With lockdown measures easing, boarding schools now face the big challenge of reopening and assuring pupils and parents that boarding is a safe environment to return to. 

To help with this, the BSA have launched it’s “Covid-Safe Charter” which provides a collective code to which schools can adhere to. The code aims to set some standards and give confidence to everyone that the school is following all appropriate measures to ensure boarding is safe for everyone.

In this webinar we’ll take a closer look at the requirements and dive into how Boardingware can help you meet those standards and go above and beyond to restore public confidence in the safety of boarding. Specifically, we’ll explore...

  • How to ensure procedures are conducted accurately and thoroughly
  • Measures to encourage and manage social distancing (ie. contactless check-in/out)
  • Ways to improve identification and testing with “Symptom tracking” and “Contact tracing” solutions
  • How to adapt record keeping processes for Covid19

Interested but can’t attend? No sweat. Everyone who registers will receive access to the recorded webinar.