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Enhancing Support for International Boarders in UK Schools

The Orah Team

November 23, 2023

International Student

Navigating Tier 4 Visa Requirements with Orah's Solutions

Managing international students in UK schools, especially those on Tier 4 visas, comes with its own set of challenges. Schools need to meticulously track and report specific details about these students, a task that can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Orah, a comprehensive student life management platform, has streamlined this process significantly.

Simplifying Compliance and Administration

In the complex landscape of managing international students in UK schools, particularly those on Tier 4 visas, Orah emerges as a game-changer, specifically addressing the intricacies and regulatory demands associated with Tier 4 visa students.

Orah allows schools to create a distinct group for Tier 4 students, enabling easy tracking of their travel and leave records. This is crucial for maintaining compliance with UK regulations. Additionally, schools can set up a pass type tailored for Tier 4 leave requirements, ensuring adherence to legal obligations while streamlining the review process for staff and inspectors. What makes Orah even more efficient is its capability to export data related to this group or pass type, a feature that significantly aids during inspections or audits​​​​.

Tackling the Challenges Faced by International Students

The challenges faced by international students, especially those from different cultural backgrounds, are multifaceted. These challenges encompass understanding and adapting to a new educational system, overcoming language barriers, and adjusting to cultural differences. Schools play a pivotal role in facilitating this transition.

Key areas of focus include:

  • Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND): Tailoring support to meet diverse educational requirements.
  • Culture Mapping: Acknowledging and integrating various cultural backgrounds within the school community.
  • Mental Health and Global Perception: Addressing the mental well-being of students in a culturally sensitive manner.
  • Pastoral and Boarding Considerations: Ensuring a supportive and inclusive boarding environment.
  • School Environment Adaptation: Helping international students acclimate to the new school setting.
  • Maintain Effective Communication with Families: To maintain effective communication with the families of international students.

By addressing these areas, schools can significantly enhance the support and integration of international students.

The use of platforms like Orah complements these efforts by ensuring administrative and regulatory aspects are handled efficiently.

Supporting International Students

Breaking Down Key Areas of Support for International Students

1. Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

  • Objective: To provide individualised support and resources tailored to the unique learning needs and disabilities of students.
  • Approach: Developing personalised education plans, providing appropriate resources and assistance, and ensuring accessibility in the learning environment.

2. Culture Mapping

  • Objective: Recognise and integrate the diverse cultural backgrounds of students into the school community.
  • Approach: Promoting cultural awareness and sensitivity, encouraging cross-cultural interactions, and including diverse cultural perspectives in the curriculum.

3. Mental Health and Global Perception

  • Objective: Address the mental well-being of students, considering cultural sensitivities.
  • Approach: Offering counseling and support services, creating awareness about mental health, and providing culturally sensitive care.

4. Pastoral and Boarding Considerations

  • Objective: Create a supportive and inclusive environment in boarding facilities.
  • Approach: Training staff in pastoral care, ensuring safety and comfort in boarding arrangements, and fostering a sense of community.

5. School Environment Adaptation

  • Objective: Help international students adjust to the new school setting.
  • Approach: Orientation programs, peer mentoring, language support, and creating an inclusive school culture.

6. Communication with Families

  • Objective: To maintain effective communication with the families of international students.
  • Approach: Using communication tools like Orah Connect, providing regular updates on student progress, and facilitating parental involvement in school activities.
Orah helps students deliver a high standard of care

How Orah Can Assist

Orah's platform complements these efforts by simplifying administrative processes related to international students. For instance, it helps manage Tier 4 visa requirements, track student travel and leave records for compliance, and streamline data reporting. This allows schools to focus more on the educational and pastoral needs of their students, knowing that the administrative and regulatory aspects are efficiently managed​​​​.

Enabling a Holistic Approach in Boarding and Residential Schools

For boarding and residential schools, Orah is an indispensable tool. It helps manage all aspects of student life, including student leave, activities, internal & external communications, and reporting. The platform integrates seamlessly with existing systems, providing a centralised solution for administrators. This integration is particularly useful for international students, whose information might span across various systems due to their international status.

Teachers can manage student conduct, write school reports, and communicate with parents and caregivers through Orah. This facilitates a better understanding of each student's unique situation, especially important for international students who may face different challenges compared to their local peers. Similarly, families can use Orah to request student leave, read communications, and access reports, keeping them engaged and informed about their child's education and well-being​​.

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