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Deliver a best-in-class boarding experience for students. Orah helps boarding school meet and exceed their duty of care with simplicity & ease.

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Orah for boarding and residential departments
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Orah helps you focus on what matters

Streamline exeat and leave requests

Effortlessly coordinate and manage leave, exeats and end-of-term travel without the endless back-and-forth communications. Create custom forms, automatically route requests to parents for approval and manage communications all from one screen.

A single source of truth to account for your students

No more jumping back and forth between clipboards, spreadsheets, email and Google Docs. Orah centralises all your information into a single system that’s accessible from anywhere, so you can confidently account for students and focus on what really matters.

Orah helps you to take attendance fast
Orah gives you the full picture

A holistic overview of every student

The student profile consolidates all of your activity, information and pastoral records into a single timeline, giving you a more holistic overview of their behaviour so you can go above and beyond to provide outstanding, student-centered care.

More oversight and control

Delivering a great boarding experience requires a team. Orah gives you the tools to standardise procedures and streamline communication, while providing you with the necessary oversight and control so you can deliver the best possible boarding experience to students.

Orah gives you more oversight and control
Orah centralises school records into one place

Improve record keeping, breeze
past inspections

Have an inspection coming up, need to prove compliance or quickly respond to a Request For Information? Not to worry, Orah gives you one secure place to access, search and retrieve historical records whenever you need to.

Improve notetaking and generate duty reports instantly

With Orah Notes, you can keep track of student behavior, incidents or accolades–then, using Orah's report writer, you can automatically generate a duty report at the end of each shift.

Orah integrates with your existing tech

The Orah platform plugs and plays with the core technologies you already use like iSams, Blackbaud and Synergetic. Plus, you can build your own custom integrations with our simple and robust Open API.

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