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Take Effective Disciplinary Action By Gating Students in Boardingware

Let's face it. There will always be students that misbehave. It's human nature. But when students start to repeatedly misbehave, then you may need to take disciplinary action.In boarding schools, "Gating" students from going on leave or sig

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Boardingware offers the Strongest Security in The Boarding School Industry; Announces ISO 27001 certification.

When Boardingware started in 2014, we set out to solve a problem that boarding schools all over the world had struggled with for 1000 years.Everyone who has attended or worked at a boarding school knew that leave and administration for...

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Introducing Our New Mobile Student App

Today I'm excited to tell you that we have just launched our brand new Boardingware mobile app for students, available on both iOS and Android. With the new student app, schools can now provide their students with a much more convenien...

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Boardingware + ThisData: Cutting edge security for your boarding school.

At Boardingware, we are always seeking ways to improve the security for our users. With student information stored in the cloud, it is absolutely crucial that we are 100% committed to protecting your data. We believe that boarding school is

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Out With The Old And In With The New: Why We Needed To Rebuild And What It Means For You

Since early this year, we have been busy re-building Boardingware from the ground up and last month (September 2015) we were finally able to release the new system. We're sorry for the inconvenience and we would like to thank you for you...

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Introducing The New And Improved Leave Requests

Over the last couple months, we’ve improved one of our most core features - Leave Requests.Leave requests are being used by 95% of our daily customers and we’re always getting really good feedback on how to make it even better. So it wa...

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What We Shipped: Staff Permissions, In-App Notifications, Badges, And More...

Earlier this year we promised to publish regular updates on the improvements we made to Boardingware, so here are the latest updates so far.In this update we've made it possible for you to control how your staff members use Boardingware....

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